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Next Time You Go Shopping Be Sure To Pick Up These Herbal Remedies

You may not be aware, but herbal remedies are all around us. Many people take herbal remedies every day for a variety of reasons, some have real medical conditions, which they use herbal medicines to resolve their conditions, others just want to live well and try to give their body a healthy lifestyle.

Did you know that a lot of the different plants and foods around us are actually herbal remedies in disguise?

You may walk around your garden smelling the fragrant flowers, or watching the bees busy at work making honey in the hive, what you may be surprised to learn is that they can all have a positive effect on medical conditions.

There are many simple, yet effective, herbal remedies that can help a multitude of different conditions as shown below.

Hibiscus Tea: Hibiscus is a wonderful red tropical flower, but it has even stronger affects than its beautiful exterior. Hibiscus has a powerful reaction to blood pressure, if you drink a cup of hibiscus tea a day for twelve days then you will see your systolic and diastolic lower by just over ten percent.

Chamomile Tea: Chamomile tea is a widely used herbal tea in Europe; many use it to soothe digestive problems they have. This herbal remedy works by relieving any inflammation build up in the lining of the gut and also acting as an antiseptic.

Green tea: Many of us have been told that green tea is good for us, yet we don’t fully understand why. Green tea is extremely high in antioxidants; the antioxidants have a very positive effect in helping to prevent heart disease.

Lavender: If you live in certain parts of Europe, like the United Kingdom then you will see Lavender growing wild, or cultivated in most private gardens. Lavender is a vibrant purple color when in bloom and very fragrant too, but it also has calming tendencies also.

An old English remedy to calm the senses is having a hot bath with lavender oil as it reduces stress and anger. 


An Interesting Herb Fact

Mint: The Traditional Herbalist's Best Friend
Mint is one of the herbalist's best friends: there appears to be at least thirty species of mint, and all can be used in a number of herbal remedies that are safe and effective. Mint has become so common that some people even forget its history as an herbal remedy. Up until the 17th century, herbalists used most varieties of mint in more or less the same way. But now herbalists have expressed definite preferences toward some kinds of mint. Today it appears that peppermint has gained favor with...

Cranberry: Cranberry is an extremely effective herbal remedy for preventing a urinary tract infection. Cranberry is able to do this by preventing bacteria from sticking to the wall of the bladder thus making it very difficult for bacteria to take a hold and cause infection.

Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is a great medicine against burns, should you have a burn all you need to do is take a thick leaf off an Aloe Vera plant, tear it down the middle and use the gel inside on the affected area.

If you do this fairly quickly after the burn occurs then you will find it very soothing and you will also see the burn heal a lot more quickly.


The seeds of the milk thistle plant can also be used to treat high cholesterol levels and to help soothe gall bladder inflammation.

Recent medical studies have found that milk thistle indeed has several health benefits. Studies have shown that milk thistle contains more antioxidants than vitamin E.


Garlic: Garlic is a food we use to add taste to our meals, but it also has antibiotic values. Garlic contains Alliin, which is an antibiotic compound that is ingested into the body when Garlic is chewed.

Although it has the most positive benefit when eaten raw, Garlic can still have a positive effect if used in cooking meals.

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