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Neem For Protection From Pests

Neem is a bitter, pungent and cooling plant that has many well-documented medicinal uses. The neem plant is well known as an antifungal agent, an anti-inflammatory plant, and a bitter tonic that can help expel worms, a cleansing agent, a tonic that can help prevent vomiting, and a plant that can help reduce fevers.

The plant itself contains flavonoids, tannins, meliacins, and triterpernoid bitters. Traditionally, the neem plant has been thought of as a cooling remedy.

In traditional Ayurvedic medicine, the plant has been thought of as cooling remedy that particularly effective in treating fevers. It has also been highly prized as an insecticidal agent.

The wood of the neem plant is particularly prized for its insecticidal properties. In many parts of the world, the neem wood is used to make worm-resistant furniture. Now, in some parts of Africa, neem is also being introduced into hedges to help farmers protect their crops against insect infestation.

Neem is rapidly becoming famous for its insecticidal agents. Many modern studies have also shown that the neem plant may have spermicidal properties. The seed oil from the neem plant has traditionally been used as a contraceptive. Neem is also sometimes known by another name: the bead tree. This is because the hard nuts that grow on the neem tree were used in the past to make rosary beads.

The leaves of the neem plant have been traditionally used to make an infusion that is used for treating malaria and parasitic worms. The leaves of the neem plant have also been traditionally used in various manners.

The leaves are usually crushed and pulped to make ointments and pastes that are used to treat eczema, ringworm and other skin conditions or infections.

The leaves of the neem plant are also used to make household insecticides.  


An Interesting Herb Fact

Echinacea: Cure to the Common Cold?
Perhaps the most famous herbal remedies these days are made from the Echinacea flower. Native Americans have traditionally used Echinacea to treat colds, fevers, snakebites, and stubborn wounds. It is believed that the early settlers adopted the Echinacea plant early on as a popular home remedy to treat colds and influenza. The plant was a popular choice with the 19th century Eclectics. In recent years, Echinacea has grown immensely in popularity for its antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial...

The neem leaves are also used to prepare special treatments that are sprayed on library books as a natural deterrent and pest preventative. The seeds and the seed oil of the neem plant have also been used to make several natural remedies. The oil that is extracted from the neem seeds has traditionally been used to concoct a treatment for leprosy.

The seeds of the neem plant are traditionally crushed to make a paste that is used to treat hemorrhoids. Recent research demonstrates that the neem seeds and seed oil indeed contains many strongly antibacterial properties that are used today in many commercial products, including commercial hair lotions and, naturally, in insecticide sprays that are used to deter locusts.


An infusion of herbs is made by placing 1 to 2 teaspoons of dried herb or 2 to 4 fresh herbs in a carrier oil like sweet almond or water and then strained after about 10 minutes.

The water does not have to be heated by the way.

There are many applications for the neem plant. It can be used a potent hair rinse that can get rid of lice and nits. Simply mix 5-10 drops of neem oil into a cup of water and rinse hair thoroughly. Another use is to make a poultice from the neem leaves. Simply crush the leaves and make them into a paste. Use this poultice to treat ringworm, eczema or other skin infections or disorders. The neem seed oil can also be easily added to lotion to treat ringworm or athlete's foot.


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