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Just What Can Alternative Herbal Remedies Do For Me

Maybe you have heard of the wonders of using herbal remedies to treat a variety of health ailments but you have yet to take the natural health plunge.

Maybe you feel you need to know more about herbal remedies before you take the plunge. If you are not familiar with the basic principles of herbal therapy, hopefully this article can give you a better idea of what herbal therapy is all about, and how you can use herbal remedies in your everyday life for greater health.

First, you should have a greater understanding of exactly what herbal therapy is and how it works. Herbal therapy and herbal remedies usually refer to the use of medicinal plants to achieve healing and create greater overall health.

Using herbal remedies is one of the oldest forms of medicine. These days, you may also hear a lot of about alternative medicine. Alternative medicine incorporates herbal therapies, as well as other healing traditions.

But how exactly does herbal therapy work? Many plants contain chemical properties that are beneficial to the body's health. Most commercially manufactured pharmaceutical drugs contain compounds that can be traced back to plants found wild in nature.

For instance, let us consider saponins. Many plants found growing wild in nature contain saponins. These commonly found saponin compounds are well known for helping in the bowel elimination process and they also help break down excess mucus. Many plants also contain tannins.

Tannins are chemical compounds that help slow the bleeding of wound, and some types of tannins are also known for their strong antimicrobial properties.

Herbal remedies can be taken in a variety of ways.

The most common way to take medicinal herbs is as an herbal tea. Another common way to prepare and take herbal medicine is in a tincture. A tincture is a concentrated liquid extract of an herb. You can also ingest many kinds of herbs fresh, either alone or as part of a meal.

Many medicinal herbs can also be used for external use as compresses, creams, poultices, and salves. Another common way to apply healing herbs externally is as essential oils. Finally, more and more medicinal herbs are now available for use through commercially available herbal capsules or tablets.

Most medicinal herbs are used to treat specific conditions, boost overall health, or as supportive treatments. Many herbal remedies can be taken in combination with other forms of treatment.


An Interesting Herb Fact

The Elder Plant: A Healing Herb for All Seasons
The Elder plant is so highly regarded by traditional herbalists and naturopaths that it has gained a reputation as a sort of 'complete medical chest' because of its countless attributes and therapeutic qualities. There is a long history of folklore that has been attached to this very popular herb. For instance, Galen described the herb as both hot and dry, and in the 17th century the plant was a popular choice for treating problems of excessive phlegm. The herb was used alternately as a...

Many herbal remedies can help reduce the side effects of some prescription drugs. However, some herbal remedies may interact negatively with prescription drugs, so great care must be taken when combining medicinal plants with prescription drugs.

Traditional herbal therapy is often used to great effect in the treatment of chronic conditions. Examples of chronic conditions that may benefit from traditional herbal medicine include diabetes, arthritis, memory problems, cardiovascular disease, and for acute conditions such as skin problems and colds.


Herbal remedies are often thought of as a way to balance out a person's natural humors.

This is often accomplished by using the Ayurveda chakra philosophy. Chakras are energy centers of the body, and they can often be balanced through herbal remedies.

Different chakras of the body are associated with various areas of the body, such as important glands and organs.

A tincture is an alcoholic extract of the herb in question.

However, just because herbs are natural does not always mean that they are safe. Large doses of herbal treatments should always be avoided. For the best results, herbal remedies should be taken under the guidance of a trained herbalist or naturopath doctor.


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