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Herbal Remedies Made From The Burdock Plant

The Burdock plant has long been used in herbal remedies to treat a variety of ailments. Burdock has traditionally been thought of as a good plant for creating cleansing remedies.

The Burdock plant is well known of its hooked burrs, which are notorious for attaching themselves to clothing. This aspect of the Burdock plant is registered in its Latin scientific name, Arctium lappa, which is derived from the Greek lappa, which means to seize.

Burdock has also traditionally been used as a blood purifier. In the past it has often been combined with dandelion and burdock wine to create a healing tonic for indigestion.

In China, the seeds of the Burdock plant are known as niu bang zi, and it is used to get rid of fevers and evil spirits. It is also used in Chinese medicine to lower blood sugar levels.

Three parts of the Burdock plant is used to create herbal remedies: the root, its seeds, and its leaves. The root of the Burdock plant is often used by the Japanese to treat a variety of ailments. They think of the Burdock root as a vegetable that they call godo. Western herbalists too also consider the root of the Burdock plant to be the most important. In the West, herbalists use the Burdock plant root as a cleansing and eliminative remedy.

It is often used in cases where a buildup of toxins is suspected. Symptoms of toxin buildup include skin problems, digestive ailments, arthritic pains, or overall sluggishness. Parts of the Burdock root are often used externally to treat infections and skin sores. The Burdock root is most commonly harvested in the fall. 


An Interesting Herb Fact

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Another commonly used part of the Burdock plant is the seeds. The seeds of the Burdock plant are used in several healing remedies of many healing traditions. For instance, the American Eclectic school of healing has traditionally integrated the Burdock seeds as a diuretic or to create healing skin tonics. In traditional Chinese medicine, the seeds are often used to treat common colds that are characterized by an unproductive cough and sore throat. The seeds of the Burdock plant are traditionally harvested in late summer.

The leaves of the Burdock plant are also harvested to create several herbal remedies. In general, however, the leaves of the Burdock plant are thought to be less effective than other parts, especially the root. The leaves of the Burdock plant are most commonly used to create a healing tonic for common stomach complaints, including indigestion and overall digestive weakness. The leaves of the Burdock plant are harvested before or during their flowering.


There are several practical applications for the Aloe Vera plant. The Aloe Vera gel can be applied directly to burns, wounds, fungal infections, insect bites, and areas of dry skin. You can simply split the

Aloe Vera leaf and apply the gel directly. You can also collect the gel from several split leaves of the Aloe Vera plant to make an ointment.

The gel of Aloe Vera can also be inhaled as a steam inhalation to treat bronchial congestion.

A tincture can also be made from its leaves and taken as an appetite stimulant.

To create an herbal remedy using the Burdock plant, one easy way is to infuse the Burdock plant leaves to create a hot tea to treat indigestion. It is recommended that Burdock tea be used to treat indigestion and that it be taken in half-cup doses before meals. Burdock tea can also be taken as a mild digestive stimulant. Another herbal remedy you can make from the Burdock plant is to take the root of the plant and create a poultice that can be applied to skin sores and leg ulcers.


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