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Herbal Remedies For Relief Of Bites And Stings

Let’s say you are taking a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood one afternoon when the neighbor’s dog decides that you resemble a pork chop.

Or let us say that you take a relaxing dip in the ocean, only to find that you have dipped headfirst into a pool of jellyfish.

Or let us say that you are cleaning the attic when you realize that you have disturbed the spring sleep of a hornet’s nest.

Whatever the case bites and stings can mean serious business. Even minor injuries should be treated by a health professional. However, if the injury is minor, you can also help find fast relief through several gentle yet effective herbal home remedies.

Here are a few ideas to help treat minor bites or stings.

The most important plant for treating any number of bites or stings is the plantain. The plantain is a common plant that is loaded with healing tannins. The chemicals contained in plantain act as a kind of astringent that helps tighten the skin tissue so that the irritation and inflammation can be reduced.

The chemicals in tannins also help draw out the skin. Plantain is an exceedingly common weed that grows in many places. The plant itself can grow from 6 to 18 inches high, but it can also grow flat to the ground, especially in high-traffic areas where it is frequently mowed or walked on.

The plant is round and waxy. The plant's leaves are a dull green, and range in size from 3 to 4 inches long. The leaves contain deep parallel veins that run from the bottom of the leaf to the top. The plantain leaf usually has a stem those cups inward, much like a trough. The plant grows green flower spikes that resemble pipe cleaners. These flower spikes usually sprouting from early summer to the middle of fall.  


An Interesting Herb Fact

The Healing Beauty of Borage
The borage flower (Borago officinalis) is well known for its lovely blue color. The flowers have been used since Elizabethan times for both decoration and for its healing beauty. Recent modern research has shown that the plant may actually stimulate the adrenal glands, encouraging the production of adrenaline, that famous 'fight or flight' hormone that is responsible for getting our bodies geared up during the most stressful times in our lives. Herbalists describe the character of the borage...

Plantain is your number one ally in fighting the pain and swelling associated with most bites and stings. If you have a bee sting or mosquito bite, you can use plantain to find fast relief. Use a handful of plantain leaves to create a fast herbal remedy. 

Simply rinse the plantain leaves with cool, clean water, put them in your mouth, chew them up to release the tannin, and then place a wad of the chewed plantain leaves right over the afflicted are for fast relief. This may sound strange, but it has helped many find relief for centuries. If chewing strange leaves doesn’t appeal to you, you can also vigorously rub the leaves with your hands until the juice is released. 


Lots of herbs have anti bacterial properties, including Echinacea.

If you are suffering from a dog bite, you can also use plantain to create a healing poultice. First, you must scrub the bite area clean with soap and water. Be as thorough as possible. Simply use a handful of rinsed plantain leaves in a blender, add a few drops of hot water, and blend on low. Then apply this mixture directly onto the wound. Place an adhesive gauze over the area, and apply a heat source over the poultice, you can use a hot water bottle or heat pad.


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