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Help Relieve The Pain Of Toothaches with Herbal Remedies

You feel a deep throbbing in the back of your mouth. It’s a toothache, and the pain is near unbearable at time.

Toothaches are a sure sign that you need to call your dentist for an immediate appointment. But there is usually some waiting time, so what can you do in the meantime.

You can apply a commercial toothache gel that you can find at your local drugstore. If this is not an option for you, there are also several natural toothache remedies that you can try at home.

Many herbal remedies are gentle, safe and effective. So next time you have to suffer through a toothache, reach for one of these gentle and natural helpers.

Echinacea and Aloe: Echinacea is well regarded as a natural infection-fighter, so it may be able to attack the infection that is causing you so much tooth pain. Aloe can help reduce the inflammation and pain surrounding your toothache. For maximum effect, make sure to keep a bottle of powdered Echinacea pills in your medicine cabinet.

You should also keep a bottle of pure aloe gel in your medicine cabinet. Both of these items can be purchased at your local health food store. For an easy to make toothache herbal remedy, simply open two capsules of powdered Echinacea and mix the contents of each pill with pure aloe gel.

Add just enough pure aloe gel to create a paste that is close to the consistency of toothpaste. Use this Echinacea and Aloe paste to apply to the gum surrounding your toothpaste. Let the paste dissolve. Use this special poultice as often as needed for toothache relief.  


An Interesting Herb Fact

Mint: The Traditional Herbalist's Best Friend
Mint is one of the herbalist's best friends: there appears to be at least thirty species of mint, and all can be used in a number of herbal remedies that are safe and effective. Mint has become so common that some people even forget its history as an herbal remedy. Up until the 17th century, herbalists used most varieties of mint in more or less the same way. But now herbalists have expressed definite preferences toward some kinds of mint. Today it appears that peppermint has gained favor with...

Echinacea: If you don’t have aloe Vera gel on hand, you can take Echinacea on its own. Take a gelatin capsule of Echinacea and put in your cheek, next to the gum that is close to the aching tooth. Let the Echinacea capsule dissolve around the gum.

You should try to only use this herbal remedy before you go to bed, because one of the cosmetic side effects of using this natural approach is that it may just turn your mouth green! However, the effect is only temporary.


Calendula and Chamomile: These two powerful yet gentle herbs are well known for their various soothing and healing properties. Calendula and chamomile can help draw out the toxins surrounding a nasty tooth infection and offer relief.

One easy way to apply either of these healing herbs is to take a tea bag filled with pure calendula or chamomile and applies to the area of the toothache for roughly 15 minutes. This treatment can be used for up to three days. If you don’t happen to have calendula or chamomile tea bags on hand, regular black tea bags can also help offer much relief.

Simply apply as you would calendula or chamomile. Black tea contains tannins that are known to help draw out toxins from the gums.


Herbal remedies are often thought of as a way to balance out a person's natural humors.

This is often accomplished by using the Ayurveda Chakra philosophy. Chakras are energy centers of the body, and they can often be balanced through herbal remedies.

Different Chakras of the body are associated with various areas of the body, such as important glands and organs.

Oil of Cloves: If you think that a cavity is responsible for your toothache, you can use oil of cloves to provide fast cavity relief. Simply take a small cotton ball and infuse it with one or two drops of oil of clove. Then apply the cotton ball directly onto the cavity. If possible, fit the cotton ball directly into the cavity hole. This herbal remedy can help calm the nerve that is causing so much of the toothache pain.


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