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Have You Thought About Using Herbal Remedies

Have you ever thought about herbal remedies to improve your health or relieve a medical condition you have? No, well I thought that might be the case.

Alternative medicines, Herbal remedies in particular, have been used by the human race for thousands and thousands of years, we even have proof that these medicines were used over thirteen thousand years ago, and we are still using acupuncture, an alternative treatment that was used by the ancient Chinese more than three thousand years ago.

Although herbal remedies are becoming more mainstream, with many alternative medicine shops appearing on the high street and many super markets having herbal remedies on the shelf, it seems there is still a stigmatism associated with alternative medicines.

Many people have this notion that alternative medicines, including herbal remedies are archaic in nature and that only those who are more naturalist in personality believe in them.

While a few decades ago it may have been true that those who were part of the flower power generation did believe in natural remedies, it does not take away the fact that they do work and that many people from all walks of life do use them.

What many people fail to realize is that a lot of medication today is not just based on modern advances in science, it is also based on the use of alternative medicines of old.

Many years ago our ancient ancestors used many different types of medical treatments, while some of these did little if nothing, to help the person suffering, there is also an abundance of treatments that really do help. 


An Interesting Herb Fact

Chase the Blues Away with St John's Wort
St. John's Wort has slowly become one of the most popular herbs for treating mild symptoms of anxiety and depression. It is said that the St. John's Wort plant got its name from the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem. It is said that the knights would use the plant to the terrible wounds that they came across on the Crusade battlefields. St. John's Wort also had a supernatural aura attached to it. In those medieval days, many believed that St. John's Wort had the ability to dispel evil spirits....

Our modern medicine has been refined over many thousands of years and was born out of the advances our ancestors made in the world of medicine.

Even medical companies use the teachings of our old doctors from years gone by to find cures to present day medical conditions. Many pharmaceutical companies put a lot of weight behind herbal remedies by paying millions each year in testing them. The reason why pharmaceutical companies pay so much is because they can see what qualities these simple animal products and plant life have

When will those walking through every day life realize the abilities of herbal remedies and change their thought process about these wonder products? Will it be due to the new hot celebrity announcing a new wonder diet that contains herbal remedies or will it be a world class footballer saying it has increased there stamina?


The leaves of the lemon balm plant are believed to help relieve the symptoms of depression and tension.

A few drops of lemon balm essential oil are recommended as an antidote to depression.

It can be enough to "shock" someone with depression out of their state.

What we do know is that herbal remedies have become more mainstream, and will continue to do so. We still have a long way to go to get many of the general population to believe what they have in there fridge and cupboards can really help alleviate a lot of medical conditions, or just make them feel healthier inside.

It is time to show the world what they can achieve through a little thought and care for their body with the power of an herbal remedy, even if it is something as simple as an herbal tea.


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