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Garlic The King Of All Of The Healing Herbs

Garlic can rightly be called the king of the herbs. Although we think of it in terms of food and seasoning, garlic has long been prized for its numerous healing properties.

For at least 5,000 years, garlic has stood as the king of healing herbs. It has been shown to reduce cholesterol levels, reduce the risk of further heart attacks in cardiac patients, and stimulate the immune system as a powerful antibiotic.

The strong odor that garlic is famous for is due to its sulfur-containing compounds that are also responsible for most of its medicinal properties. So, when it comes to garlic, its strong smell and taste is also what gives it such healing properties.

It has been shown that 'deodorized' varieties of garlic have less healing properties than the conventional, smelly varieties.

The most important parts of the garlic plant are its cloves. Garlic cloves are well known for treating infections, especially infections of the chest area. They are also known to be effective against digestive disorders and fungal infections, including yeast infections.

Garlic cloves have also been successfully used to as a viable long-term treatment for cardiovascular problems. They have been shown to effectively reduce excessive cardiovascular levels, atherosclerosis, and they have been shown to reduce the risk of thrombosis.

Garlic cloves have also been shown to dilate peripheral blood vessels and lower blood pressure. Garlic cloves have also been shown to regulate blood sugar levels, and may prove particularly effective in the treatment of adult-onset diabetes.

Moreover, recent research shows that garlic may act as a preventative against cancer. Garlic cloves can also be applied topically to treat a variety of skin disorders and infections, including acne. As with most other herbs, garlic is best used fresh. 


An Interesting Herb Fact

The Skin Healing Properties of the Pot Marigold Plant
The lovely golden flowers of the pot marigold plant are not just nice to look at-they also contain many healing properties. These golden flowers have long been a favorite of many traditional herbalists. One herbal diary dating back to the 12th century recommends that simply gazing upon the beautiful pot marigold flowers can help clear the head, improve one's eyesight, and encourage one's soul to feel cheerful again. It was once also highly prized as a treatment of smallpox and measles. These...

There are many popular applications for garlic that can be easily prepared at home. For instance, for the treatment of skin infections, corns, warts or acne, you can mash fresh garlic cloves and apply topically. Eating garlic cloves regularly is also recommended for protecting against any number of infections, as well as for the health benefits that include lower cholesterol levels, improved quality of the cardiovascular system, and lower blood sugar levels. For the treatment of severe digestive disorders, including dysentery, worms, and gastroenteritis, the consumption of 3-6 crushed cloves daily is recommended.

For the treatment of intestinal parasites, a maceration is recommended. Simply seep 3-4 garlic cloves in water or milk overnight and drink the next day. Garlic can also be easily consumed in capsule form. Garlic powder is recommended.

Recent clinical trials have shown that to prevent further heart attacks in individuals who have already suffered a heart attack, 2 g of garlic powder in capsules taken daily is recommended. An alternative to garlic powder capsules are the commercial 'pearl' capsules. However, be aware that these more deodorized versions are also apt to be less effective.


Honeysuckle is often combined with other herbs, including cowslip and mulberry to create a healing tea that is used to treat coughs and mild symptoms of asthma. Again, honeysuckle flowers can be made into a syrup that can be used to treat coughs.

Be aware that garlic can irritate sensitive stomachs, and it is not recommended to take therapeutic doses during pregnancy or lactation.


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