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Comfrey To Promote Bone Healing

Comfrey is an old herb that has been used for centuries to heal fractures. An old folk name for comfrey is knit bone, which is a reminder of how the plant was once thought of as a potent healer that could help heal those with broken bones.

There is modern evidence that comfrey indeed has strong healing properitis. It was found that comfrey contains allantoin, a chemical that helps encourage the growth of muscle, cartilage, and bone growth.

The most common way to get allantoin to the muscle is by crushing the herb into a powder that is then applied topically over an injured limb. It is believed that the allantoin is then absorbed through the skin and encourages the speedy healing of broken bones.

Once upon a time, it was not uncommon to hear of comfrey baths that were popular during the Middle Ages. These comfrey baths were especially popular with women who took them before marriage in order to repair the hymen and then restore virginity.

Comfrey itself is slightly sweet, moist, and cool. Its chemical constitution includes inulin, vitamin B 12, proteins, mucilage, tannins, steroidal saponins, allantoin (this is mainly found in the plants flowering tops), tannins, and pyrrolizidine.

The aerial parts and the root of the comfrey plant are most commonly used for healing purposes. The aerial plants of the comfrey plant are often used to create herbal remedies. The leaves of the comfrey plant are especially rich in allantoin.

The leaves and flowering tops of the plant are mostly used for external purposes. These parts of the comfrey plant are often used to create ointments and infused oils that are used to treat arthritic pain, sprained joints, and other physical injuries.


An Interesting Herb Fact

The Healing Beauty of Borage
The borage flower (Borago officinalis) is well known for its lovely blue color. The flowers have been used since Elizabethan times for both decoration and for its healing beauty. Recent modern research has shown that the plant may actually stimulate the adrenal glands, encouraging the production of adrenaline, that famous 'fight or flight' hormone that is responsible for getting our bodies geared up during the most stressful times in our lives. Herbalists describe the character of the borage...

The flowering tops of the comfrey plant should be harvested in the early summer. The root of the comfrey plant is also widely used by herbalists. The root of the plant has many of the same properties as the leaves, but the root tends to be colder and nourishing in its actions. Herbal remedies created from the root of the comfrey plant are often used to treat varicose ulcers. The root should be harvested in the spring or fall because this is when the allantoin levels in the root are at its highest.

There are many common ways to prepare comfrey. The plant can be made into a poultice. Traditional herbalists will puree fresh comfrey leaves and apply the mixture to minor fractures. These are fractures that would not need to be set in plaster. These types of injuries include broken toes, ribs, or a hairline crack.


Mint tea can be used to treat nausea, indigestion, colic, flatulence, migraines, and fevers.

Comfrey is often used in cream form. This makes it easy to spread over pained areas. Comfrey-based creams are often used to treat the symptoms of arthritis and any other form of muscle damage. The aerial parts of the comfrey plant can also be made into an infused oil that is used to treat bruises, arthritic joints and pain, sprains, inflamed bunions and any other sort of traumatic injury.


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