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You Need To Control Your Healthcare

You Need To Control Your Healthcare. Knowledge is power and can have a liberating affect on your spirit when you learn how to take charge of your healthcare instead of merely flowing along with the ebb of the medical tide handed to you.

Most doctors encourage you to take an active role in your medical care. There are some things that you can do to take on this responsibility. How to be an advocate for your own health Understand your health needs and when to seek medical attention Take heed to any instructions the doctor may give you and ask questions until you are satisfied.

Ask for support if needed. There are many groups designed by age, or disease so that you can learn to cope with others who are similar to yourself in what you are dealing with.

Decisions concerning your health should have your input and not just be a medical decision by your doctor. If you doctor does not take the time to explain things or answer your questions, seek another opinion or perhaps a change of doctor is in order.

In order to be in charge of your healthcare you need to understand the needs of your entire body, mind and spirit. Explore the options and build a relationship with those who care for you. Good communications is essential between you and all of your medical team members.

Another way to take charge is to know your medical history. Keep whatever records you can get your hands on regarding your medical condition. Prepare in advance when possible for your medical appointments so that you can have questions ready.

Write down what you want to know about so that you can address these things with your doctor. If you need, ask someone to come with you for support. During Doctor appointments be active by taking notes, asking questions and expressing input on treatments and procedures being discussed. 

Healthy Living Means Healthy Loving This

5. Speaking of indulgence, eat a little dark chocolate. New research has proven dark chocolate is actually good for us. Break off a piece and allow it to dissolve slowly in your mouth. Enjoy the flavor, experience the feel and taste of it on your tongue. Allow yourself to be in the moment! Remind yourself that a small amount of dark chocolate is now considered good for you!

Ask for a 2nd opinion if you feel the need to. Knowing your medical history can help any medical team member, especially if they are new in your care, so keep good records. Bring in anything you may have at home regarding past surgeries or hospital stays, as well as any information regarding any chronic illnesses that you may have. 


Don't forget to let them know about any prescriptions that you are taking. Know your insurance plan well so that you can take advantage of any preventative offerings like health screenings such as mammograms, PAP smears, cholesterol and blood pressure checks, or prostate exams. Know what other benefits are available like prescription, vision, mental health and dental health.

Ask about annual vaccinations like those for flu or pneumonia. You may also want to ask about lifestyle classes like those offered for stopping smoking, alcohol or other addictive habits, there may also be classes for asthmatics and diabetics.

Play some of the mental arithmetic games that are available. Or get a newspaper and do the crossword puzzles. Mental arithmetic has been found to prevent, and slow down the onset of Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's.

There should also be nutrition classes that may benefit you. Your health is important to you and to those who love you, guard it by being an active participant in managing any health conditions that you have or by preventing those health issues that may be waiting in your future. Find out what your risk factors are and take preventative steps now to avoid them.

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