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Walking Musts For Seniors

Walking Musts For Seniors. There are a few essential steps you should take even if you are a seasoned walker that will help you to stay safe while you are getting fit.

Proper clothing, proper shoes and a hat and sunglasses are normal equipment for walking fitness. There are some other considerations that need to be addressed if you are serious about making walking a part of your daily exercise program and you are fifty years of age or older.

You know to wear light breathable fabrics that fit the weather and wear layers in all kinds of weather for cooling and for insulation. Did you know that wearing a hat and sunglasses could also protect you from either heat loss and glare protection but heat stroke during the warmer months?

Water is an essential element to bring along with you to rehydrate during your walk. You should drink an 8 oz glass of water before beginning your exercise and if you are walking longer than 30 minutes you should carry a water bottle along to sip as you walk. When you return home drink another 8 oz glass of water to replace any fluids you have lost in sweat. Y

our body needs water to function properly and your exercised muscles need water to prevent cramping. Some hip packs have a built in water strap for your water bottle. Safety Always carry your keys and valuable in a pocket that is zipped or buttons unless you have a hip pack to keep them in.

Walk in safe neighborhoods and during the daytime hours when there are others around to assist you should you need help. Never walk if you are feeling unwell or are over-tired. Always carry a cell phone with you if possible or in the very least make sure that someone knows you are going walking and when to expect you back.

Shoes: Proper fitting walking shoes are a must for any aged walker. The shoes must give good support and have plenty of room for expansion as feet may swell during exercise. A good rule of thumb is that walking shoes should be a size to a size and a half bigger than your dress shoe size.  

Home Exercise Program

Have fun, indulge yourself, and laugh. All of these suggestions will help you age healthier and keep your body young. Assisted Living Services-How Do They Work? Aging adults often find themselves in a position where they need to downsize and move to a smaller home. Maybe they have lost their spouse or can no longer keep their home. They may need help with medication dosages, cooking, and cleaning.

They should be in good shape, flexible and move with your foot. You should be able to bend the shoe at the ball of the foot and twist it from side to side. A stiff shoe is not a good walking shoe. Running shoes are good for most walkers as most specialty walking shoes can tend to be too stiff. If you are counting miles while you walk; replace your shoes every 500 miles.

Walking Basics: Remember to do warm up stretches and cool down after your regular walking pace. Posture: Stand straight Do not arch your back while walking. If you rotate your hips slightly forward this may help you to not arch your back. Do not lean forward or backward as leaning puts pressure on your back muscles. You should be looking forward, not down. 

Volunteer on a regular basis. Help out at a shelter or do other work to benefit charities. It improves your community and it also helps you feel useful. Plus you get to experience the joy of helping others.

If sun gets in your eyes remember to wear sunglasses. Hold your chin up and parallel to the ground. This will prevent neck and back strain. Every so often relax muscles by doing a shoulder shrug while letting your shoulders fall slightly back. Tuck your buttocks in and suck in your abdomen.

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