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Try Gardening For A Healthy Hobby

Try Gardening For A Healthy Hobby. Gardening can be the perfect activity for seniors. Not only can it provide some exercise and fresh air, both of which are important to good health, but it can nourish creativity and ease boredom.

Container gardening is a great way to nourish your green thumb. You can experiment with different styles. Plus, the small space can work well in a variety of environments no matter if you own your own yard or simply have the balcony space on your patio to work with.

Start by coming up with an idea. Look online or in gardening magazines for styles you like, and then scale to size. You can work with vegetables and herbs to grow your own healthful food, or choose colorful flowers that will attract butterflies.

You can have a tub filled with just one type of plant, or mix and match in combinations that you like. Finding containers is half the fun. There are a variety of commercial ones you can choose from, or you can scour garage sales and craft fairs for just the perfect item.

Make sure that it is something that will drain properly, and choosing a container that is light enough to move easily will allow you to bring the garden indoors for bad weather. Different levels of plants can make even tiny spaces look flourishing.

You can even talk to your nursery about dwarf varieties of your favorites. Soil is crucial to potted plants. Make sure that it is good quality potting soil, and that you will have proper drainage. For containers that you cannot or do not want to drill holes into, add packing peanuts or gravel to the bottom third of the planter to help the roots drain.

For container gardens, look for plants that do not need a lot of pruning. Remove dead flowers and weed as needed. A good fertilizer and plenty of watering can do wonders for your garden as well. Watch carefully the amount of water you give your plants, since containers can dry out quickly.

Keep in mind your planting area when choosing plants. Some plants do well indoors, others like it better out. Some need full sun, while others do fine in the shade. Your local nursery will be able to give you recommendations.   

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Sit in your favorite chair and enjoy the warmth of a sunny spot in your home. Smell the wonderful aroma of the lemon and tea, tasted it, sip it slowly and savor the taste of it on your tongue. 8. Send flowers to a special friend or to yourself! The flowers will remind you of spring, new growth and remind you winter and depression will both pass with time.

Gardening can be a therapeutic activity, and it is unlimited in its creative applications. Herbs can be a great choice, since they are easy to grow anywhere. Plus, for the person who loves to cook, it can be wonderful to have fresh herbs regularly available. Consider the size and direction a plant will grow when arranging your planters.

Some grow up, others grow over and down, and so you will want to keep this in mind. Annuals should be packed into pots. This will root-bind them, making them grow up and over for a more fantastic display. Look into equipment that makes gardening easier for seniors. Special tools, gloves, cushions, and more can make gardening an enjoyable activity even for those with disabilities or movement impairments.

Social wellness and companionship is very important for healthy aging. Having friends and seeing other people is actually documented to keep us young and help us live longer. Volunteering, traveling or simply going out for a meal now and again helps tremendously.

Make sure your garden is accessible to you. Container gardens can be placed in a variety of places, making them easily accessible to seniors. Even if you or a senior gardening friend cannot physically garden anymore, living plants can be a cheerful addition to any home. Enlist the help of friends, neighbors, or caregivers in keeping plants and flowers around.

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