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Tips To Keep Your Bones Strong

Tips To Keep Your Bones Strong. Osteoporosis is a problem affecting millions of people. With Osteoporosis, the bone mass diminishes, which can lead to fractures in bones around the body. While it can affect anyone, older women are particularly at risk.

It is debilitating, leaving many senior unable to live life without some sort of assistance. The causes of osteoporosis are varied. Not having enough of different hormones, too much or too little exercise, deficiencies of certain vitamins and minerals, urine elimination of calcium, and smoking are all causes.

Other issues that are not as easily controlled are those related to genetics, such as having a small body frame, being Asian or Caucasian, and getting older.

Having less dense and smaller bones, family disposition, and poor nutrition as a teenager can also have an effect, as well as women who entered menopause early, either naturally or artificially. The good news is that there are ways to help prevent osteoporosis.

And, the sooner you start on them, the more effective they can be. Nutrition, exercise, and medication can all help prevent the disease. By changing to a more natural lifestyle, you can help prevent or even reverse osteoporosis and keep yourself living healthy longer.

A good place to start is with exercising. Weight-bearing ones are great, as is walking and resistance training. If you can, try to walk daily, and add in some resistance workouts a few times a week for optimum results. Keep in mind that you are what you eat.

Getting enough calcium is an important part of keeping your bones strong, so starting with a diet that includes plenty of calcium rich foods is key. Plus, this can be achieved even if you cannot handle dairy (or just prefer not too). Broccoli, dark green leafy vegetables, salmon, soybeans, and other foods are also high in calcium.

Sulfur is another key component to good bones. Including garlic, onions, and eggs into your diet can help you get sufficient amounts. You may also consider taking a calcium supplement.   

Healthy Living Means Healthy Loving This

Relieving Stress and Depression for Healthy Aging It is a well-proven fact that stress and depression can shorten your life span and drastically reduce your quality of life. Stress can speed up the aging process and your body finds it harder to fight off illness and serious disease. Stress and depression affect your immune system and you may find you have more frequent colds, stomach problems, and other stress related problems.

The best supplements will also include magnesium, boron, and vitamin D, which help calcium get absorbed. Get outside! Getting an hour of sunlight each day will help your body synthesize the vitamin D you need naturally. There are also things that you should avoid doing in order to help prevent osteoporosis. Stopping smoking is critical for good health all around.

Avoid soft drinks and alcohol that contain phosphates, since these can affect calcium absorption. Stay away from sedentary life-styles, and become as active as possible. Stay away from yeast, which contains phosphorus, a mineral that can be absorbed in place of calcium. Also try to eat your whole grains separate from your calcium for the day, since they can prevent absorption.

If you know of a senior who you are concerned about their health, or safety, be sure to let them know. If they need to see a Doctor try to get them to go, sometimes just knowing someone else is concerned will be enough to encourage them to go. If they are stubborn about it, have other friends, or relatives talk to the person as well.

Taking your calcium supplement before bedtime is best. Lastly, eat as few sugar-based foods as possible. All of these things can not only help prevent osteoporosis, but will also help you to feel younger and healthier in general. Remember to talk with your doctor before making any drastic changes in your diet or exercise routine.

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