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Time To Quit Smoking

Time To Quit Smoking. Smoking, and the diseases it causes, kills more people each year than any other condition. Not only does it affect the smokers themselves, but the second hand smoke harms those around them.

It is a rare smoker indeed who does not realize exactly how bad cigarettes are for them. However, for the elderly person who has been smoking since before smoking went out of style, quitting is not always as easy as throwing the pack into the garbage.

There are ways to stop smoking entirely, even cold turkey, with the right support and encouragement. Start by thinking about all the good you are doing for yourself, and how this will impact your risks of heart disease and lung cancer and your ability to live a full and active life.

Then, start thinking about all the money you will save, and something that you can do with that money, and pick a quitting day. For many people, the weekend is a better time to try to quit. However, you can choose any day that will work for you.

Even better if you can plan to stop smoking around some vacation time you might have saved up. Plan to stay home, take frequent naps, and be good to yourself. The night before, smoke a lot, and then throw away all of your smoking paraphernalia before you go to bed.

On your bathroom mirror or other conspicuous place, tape up a mantra to abide by. Smoking is not an option is a good one, but anything that is short and sweet and will inspire you will work. Read it aloud to yourself every time you pass it, and say it when the going is starting to get tough. The first day should be easy, though it will start to get tougher soon after. Repeat your mantra to yourself as needed, and bring on the pampering.  

Staying Healthy

Many doctors that have seen the results of using the hormone are now using it themselves. Proponents of the growth hormone believe that by boosting the body's amount of growth hormone will help those patients who often feel sluggish and tired and are often sick. Opponents believe more studies need to be performed before the hormone can be claimed as effective antiaging purposes.

Chew gum, suck on hard candies, drink water, and find ways to treat yourself. Resign yourself to the fact that you are going to feel terrible for several days in order to get through your nicotine addiction. It might help to look at it like you would the common flu it feels terrible, but you have probably survived worst, and you know it is not going to last forever.

At the end of the week you might start to feel better. Get out and exercise more and breathe in some fresh air. Also start a piggy bank or other way to set aside money. Each day, put in the amount that you would have spent on cigarettes. Start to notice how you are feeling better without cigarettes. Your body is healing, and you might even be feeling younger and healthier.

Take a vitamin supplement which has been made specially for your age group. As we age the vitamins we require, along with our bodies ability to absorb them, change as we get older.

At week three, you can start telling everyone you meet that you have quit. The worst is over now, and you will notice the urges coming less frequently. When they do come around, repeat your mantra and remember how far you have come. You are now a successful non-smoker!

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