Healthy Aging For Baby Boomers

Things For Seniors To Avoid For A Healthy Life

What Not to do When You Want to Achieve Healthy Aging Some people thrive on lists of things to do. Here is a list of things not to do when you want to achieve healthy aging. The list includes lifestyle habits, activities and coping mechanisms.

Things You Should Not Do if You Expect to Live to 100: 

  • Avoid all contact with healthcare professionals 
  • Chain smoke several packs of cigarettes a day 
  • Have multiple sex partners and forget to take precautions like wearing condoms 
  • Ignore body signs like pain, discolorations and loss of mobility 
  • Eat like there is no such thing as obesity or moderation 
  • Forget to take your vitamins and mineral supplements, or better yet throw the bottles out 
  • Sit around all day doing absolutely nothing of value 
  • Avoid all human contact and never marry or form other lasting human attachments
  • Inactivity slowly destroys our body systems, so ignore this information and remain a couch potato, you look good in rolls of fat and stretched out clothing 
  • Crave what is unnatural and chemically altered 
  • Throw away all home exercise equipment, you never use them anyways and avoid all exercise programs and fitness clubs like the plague 
  • Live life large by participating in risky activities like bungee jumping, racing cars, and rodeo riding.

The sure way to not live a long and healthy life is to ignore healthy habits like eating nutritious meals, healthy snacks, and taking dietary supplements. When you live for the moment that may be all you have. Planning for your future ensures that you have the chance to have one.

Avoiding unnecessary physical risk and unhealthy exposure to disease and injury gives you the chance to have a healthy body that can continue to function as it was intended. Listening to the signals your body gives you concerning how it is functioning assures that you receive medical, dental or mental healthcare in time to prevent serious complications. Exercise is your friend and contributes to the healthy conditioning and function ability of your body.   

Healthy Living

Many people facing their boomer years are flocking to antiaging clinics for this hormone. Articles in well-known and well-read magazines and quarterlies have increased the interest in this biosynthetic hormone. Users of the hormone tout it as the hormone that will help people live to the age of 125! What is all the controversy about? As we age, growth hormone levels decline and especially drop after the age of 30.

Abstaining from sex or having only one sexual partner assures that you will have the ability to avoid many of the sexually transmitted diseases that can shorten your lifespan. Understanding your family health history can aid you in taking preventative measures that will lower your risk for these diseases. Keeping your annual health screenings can help you to detect the early signs of any diseases that you are at risk for based on your family history.

Make sure that your healthcare team is well aware of what these family risk factors are. You can live a long life if you practice healthy habits like bodily cleanliness, avoiding excessive eating, stay away from social drugs, tobacco products and alcohol. One important issue that all of us must be aware of is our ability to understand and monitor our body. Our body gives us many clues as to how it is functioning.

Play some of the mental arithmetic games that are available. Or get a newspaper and do the crossword puzzles. Mental arithmetic has been found to prevent, and slow down the onset of Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's.

Pain, discoloration, swelling, loss of function; these are all warning signs that our body uses to communicate with us so that we can address these needs and restore our body to health. Ignoring these signs can lead to disease, or further injury. Our mental health is closely related to our physical health, so be sure to seek help if stress becomes overwhelming or we notice signs of depression in others or ourselves.

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