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The Importance Of Regular Doctor Visits

The Importance Of Regular Doctor Visits. Important for Healthy Aging boomers trying to stay healthy and active are making more trips to the doctor.

They are not going for treatment, but for preventive measures to stay healthy and vital, as they grow older. The life expectancy for adults grows each year and one reason behind this trend is staying healthy by seeing your doctor regularly.

You should consult your doctor if you experience any signs of serious health problems. Visit your doctor regularly for checkups and any screening for diseases you may be at risk of getting. In meeting with your doctor, you should have a prepared list of questions to ask.

You should have confidence in the doctor that is treating you and both should work towards the same goalhealthy aging. The night before your doctor appointment, write down questions you want to ask. Once in the office our minds often go blank and we remember after the visit the one important question we wanted to ask!

Take all of your prescribed medications in their original containers to the doctors office. A Ziploc bag is a good choice for carrying prescription bottles. If you are feeling sick or having unexplained aches or pains, make notes about your symptoms as you experience them. You can tell your doctor about them and by writing them down while they are happening will make it easier to explain when you are in the office.

If you are going in because you are not feeling well, having symptoms written down may help the doctor if you are unable to answer questions. If you are feeling ill, take a friend or spouse with you. It is easier to remember what the doctor says if there are two of you listening.

Take notes, or have them take notes. This will help you remember all the information your doctor gives you. If you do not understand something the doctor says, dont be afraid to ask questions. Do not be shy! The doctor cannot fully understand your symptoms and you cannot fully understand his directions unless you both understand each other.

Be sure to have your identification, insurance forms, and your co-payment with you when you arrive at the office. If it is a first time visit, go early to allow plenty of time to fill out necessary forms or any updates to your files. 

Healthy Food

Most assisted living facilities have a 24-hour full staff and the environment is safe and secure. Most include small refrigerators and microwaves so residents can eat in the comfort of their home instead of going to the dining room. These assisted living facilities have nurses on duty in case of emergency and a trained and skilled staff. Assisted living may be suggested if an aging adult can still be independent but need some help in keeping their home and life style.

You may consider calling ahead to see if your doctor is running on schedule or behind because of an emergency. It could save you some waiting time if you know how the day is going for your doctor. If your doctor does not examine or evaluate the part of your body that is giving you problems, do not be afraid to point out the area and suggest they have a look. 

You should ask your doctor what is causing your problems and symptoms and can the problem be resolved without taking prescription medications. Can the diagnosis be verified by tests? You may want to ask if your insurance company covers tests they ask you to take. Asking about the possible outcomes of treatment or the problem is all right to ask. 

If you know of a house bound senior, take time to get to know them, offer to take them to run errands, and go out for lunch. This can be a tremendous boost to their moral, and you get to make a new friend.

It is your body and your quality of life. If there is a prescription involved in treatment, ask about potential side effects and if you can use generic drugs instead of name brands. This could save you money with your insurance co-pay. Always be sure to ask when you should see them again to check on your condition. You need to stay on top of the problem and regular visits to the doctor can help you keep tabs on what is happening in your body.

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