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The EPA And Seniors

The EPA And Seniors. As the average general age of the population of the United States is getting older and people are living longer, age concerns that might have only affected a small percentage of people in the past are now starting to affect a larger portion of the population.

As a reaction to this, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (also known as the EPA) is now focusing on healthy aging. The Environmental Protection Agency has come up with a pilot program to be used nationwide that encourages communities to have environmental and healthy aging issues included in planning for their community.

The program will recognize the communities that do have programs or policies that support healthy aging in their aging adult populations. An important program done by the Environmental Protection Agency is called Building Healthy Communities for Active Aging and raises the awareness of older adults needs.

This includes having healthy aging options that include safe physical activity. The term that the Environmental Protection Agency uses for this type of community planning is Smart Growth. Community development that includes Smart Growth will have communities where there is a way for people of all ages, economic statuses, and physical abilities to choose safe, affordable, and convenient choices of where they want to live and how they want to get around.

The Environmental Protection Agencys plan is to use the resources that are already there more efficiently, so that the current land and buildings that are a key part of the community are preserved. The way to do this is through creative strategies that preserve the important natural areas, keep the air and water clean, and reuse land that was previously developed.

Doing things by reusing older buildings and creating neighborhoods that include all the necessary conveniences like homes, shops, parks, and more can help. Also, by making the option of how to get around, including safe ways to walk, bike, and utilize public transportation as well as driving can make it easier for everyone, including seniors, to get around.

Homes that are designed to accommodate aging citizens can make it easier for the elderly to live at home, while creating affordable housing makes it easier for everyone at all stages to own a home that they can afford.  

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You should ask your doctor what is causing your problems and symptoms and can the problem be resolved without taking prescription medications. Can the diagnosis be verified by tests? You may want to ask if your insurance company covers tests they ask you to take. Asking about the possible outcomes of treatment or the problem is all right to ask.

While the initial cost to creating such communities can be high, it pays off in the long run as the improvement of quality of life makes them more competitive with other cities. The Environmental Protection Agency will also take steps to promote healthy aging. This plan includes the EPAs program Building Healthy Communities for Active Aging which supports and encourages cities that improve lifestyles for older adults.

When a community recognizes that older adults need to participate in structured and unstructured physical activities on a regular basis, they are also able to promote active and healthy aging. This is achieved by offering different, accessibly physical activity programs and physical activity opportunities that are self-directed for senior citizens. 

Sunshine makes most of us happier, and happiness is the key to healthy living. So get out and enjoy the sunshine, but do be careful of the heat.

The Environmental Protection Agency is not alone in this effort, but the healthy aging program will be the head of an effort that is in partnership with the Presidents Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, the CDC, the Center for Healthy Aging, the National Blueprint Office, and the Active for Life program. If you are senior or simply want to be more involved with bettering your community, you can help support legislature and community efforts in your area that better support the elderly population in achieving an active and healthy lifestyle.

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