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Simple Resolutions Could Add 10 Years to Your Life

Add 10 Years to Your Life with Simple Resolutions Everyone would like to live a long and healthy life. In order to continue with your youth, you have to keep your body in the best of condition, on both the outside and in the inside.

There are some simple things that you can do that will help you to live longer. Start by having an annual physical exam. While no one enjoys going to the doctor, it can be one of the best things you can do for yourself. Many health problems can be averted or minimized with early detection.

Your doctor can also help you to determine what vitamins, supplements, and medications will keep you operating at your full potential. Another thing you can do is become a volunteer. Not only can volunteering make improvements in your community, it can make improvements in your life.

You will have the joy and satisfaction of helping others as well. For maximum benefits, you should volunteer on a regular basis. Learning from your mistakes is something else you can do to live longer. But do not linger on them learn to laugh at them. Having a sense of humor about things even when they are not perfect can definitely help you to live longer.

Get yourself a listening ear. Whether it be a close friend or a member of your clergy, having someone to vent your problems out on can help keep you from bottling them in and stressing out about them. Plus, having someone that you can share your problems with can help you to get a fresh perspective and find solutions.

Keep your mind sharp with some sort of daily mental exercise. If you get the newspaper, try filling out the daily crossword. If not, other puzzles and games can help keep your mind working. Remember, the brain is like a muscle if you do not use it, you will lose it!   

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Anyone who is aging will benefit from eating a healthy diet, refraining from smoking or using tobacco products, remaining physically active and having regular immunizations for flu and pneumonia. Much of the disabilities and pains of chronic diseases can be reduced by using preventive medicine. Early detection of any disease may increase the chance of fighting the disease and its complications.

Consider getting a furry or feathered companion. It has long been common knowledge that pets are great stress relievers and can help you live longer. Plus some pets, like dogs, can help get you moving outdoors and get some of that daily exercise that everyone needs. Become active in your church or other religious association. Faith in something can help you to live longer. Join the choir, take up a Bible study, or participate in church activities.

Not only will your faith get stronger, but you will also be building lasting friendships. Do not be afraid of aging. Accept it as one of those life stages that all of us have to go through. Look to the positives and downplay any negative emotions. If it helps, take a few minutes each day to look in the mirror and tell yourself you like what you see. Fill up your social calendar. It has been proven that friends of all types can help you to live longer.

Find someone to share problems and thoughts with. Be sure to spend time talking with them on a regular basis. It is a great way to reduce stress.

They may even have more of an impact on your longevity than your family. Lastly, throw open the windows! Getting some fresh air and sunlight is good for everyone. Even better, take some time to go outside as often as you can. Sometimes just getting up and out of the house can do wonders for your mood, and subsequently your health.

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