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Signs To Be Aware Of To Avoid Health Problems

Signs To Be Aware Of To Avoid Health Problems. As a senior or someone that knows a senior, you are probably aware that your health changes dramatically as you age.

However, since changes occur slowly over time, many seniors may not be aware that they need help or may not be willing to admit it. Recognizing the signs of problems can help you identify problems early and take steps to allow seniors to keep their independence. First, watch out for weight loss.

Losing weight unintentionally can be a sign of several health problems, including: cancer, dementia, depression, heart failure, and malnutrition. Have a doctor check for any disease related problems.

Weight loss can also come as a side effect of other age related problems, like not being able to read cooking directions or having difficulty opening containers. Or food may simply not taste the same. Talk with the senior and find ways to make cooking easier and more appetizing.

Next, consider whether or not a senior is safe in their own home. Trouble maintaining the home can lead to injuries. Check the lights, the heat, the yard, and look for signs of excessive clutter or trash accumulating. The senior should be able to get around the house with risk of falling or injury.

While everyone has different standards as to how their home should be kept, big changes in behavior could signal a problem. Discuss safety concerns with the senior, and look for solutions. Third, look to see if the senior is taking care of himself or herself.

Are they keeping up with the same personal hygiene routines? Failure to maintain basic good hygiene like bathing, brushing teeth, and washing hair can indicate health problems. Note the seniors moods as well. Everyone has their ups and downs from day to day, but sudden mood swings and changes in behavior can be indicative of health problems.   

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Healthy Aging and Preventive Measures One important aspect of healthy aging is taking preventive measures to stay healthy. The chances of chronic and severe diseases increase as we age but we can help avoid some of the effects of aging by staying healthy. Much of the disability, pain, illnesses, and death can be avoided if a person lives a healthy life style and takes preventive measures to stay healthy.

Watch that the senior is still involved with the same friends and activities that they have done before, and if not, determine a cause. Have them talk to a doctor about depression if they seem unusually down or blue. Lastly, watch how the senior is getting around. Difficulty walking, joint pain, and muscle weakness can make it difficult for seniors to complete day to day activities. Unsteadiness when getting about can also make them more prone to falls.

Discuss ways that will make it easier for them to get around. If you are concerned about the health or safety of a senior, let them know. Sometimes just knowing someone else is concerned is enough to encourage them to speak to a doctor. Have other friends and family member voice their concerns as well. You can work together to come up with solutions that allow the senior to maintain his or her independence.

Pets are great for companionship as we get older. Having someone who depends on us, helps us stay young and alert. They can also be a great source of joy, and entertainment, as well as giving us the chance to get some exercise.

Sometime all it takes is a few assistance tools placed around the house or a simple reorganization of rooms to make things easier. In other cases, it might be time to enlist some help around the house. There are a variety of home care workers that can do everything from cleaning house to running errands. If necessary, talk with the seniors doctor or the local agency on aging for assistance.

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