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Should I Use The Human Growth Hormone

Should I Use The Human Growth Hormone. Whats the Connection? There is much controversy and debate between scientists, doctors, and researchers about the benefits of using human growth hormone to restore youth.

The claim is that it increases sexual activity, promotes leaner muscles and gives you better health. Human growth hormone is a biosynthetic hormone and many swear by its effectiveness. Others are concerned about the safety of using the drug as an antiaging product.

Many people facing their boomer years are flocking to antiaging clinics for this hormone. Articles in well-known and well-read magazines and quarterlies have increased the interest in this biosynthetic hormone.

Users of the hormone tout it as the hormone that will help people live to the age of 125! What is all the controversy about? As we age, growth hormone levels decline and especially drop after the age of 30. We start noticing changes in our body.

Our stamina may be less than previously, we may recover as fast from a workout or physical exercise, and we may find our once svelte waistline increasing. As we age, we begin to tire easier and have difficulty in fighting off disease or illnesses. We just assume this is the first sign of aging. S

ome doctors that specialize in aging insist our hormones can be adjusted to offset the effects of aging. Doctors are beginning to link the human growth shortage with aging signs. As we age, we lose lean body mass, strength, and bone density. Patients who do not make enough human growth hormone have an increased risk of heart disease, vascular problems, and an increased risk of cancer.

Scientists use that link as a premise for believing human growth hormone may roll back the clock and reverse the signs of aging. Many baby boomers that are taking the growth hormone report they have increased energy and muscle tissue levels. They are finding their abdominal fat begins to shrink and common disease symptoms decrease.   

Healthy Food

They also are taking preventive measures to stay healthy and detect diseases. They are screened regularly for breast cancer, cervical cancer, colorectal cancers, depression, prostate cancer and diabetes with its many complications. Poor health does not have to be a part of the aging process. There are effective ways to prevent or delay chronic conditions like arthritis, depression, osteoporosis, and urinary incontinence.

Some find their symptoms of fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis disappear. Many doctors that have seen the results of using the hormone are now using it themselves. Proponents of the growth hormone believe that by boosting the bodys amount of growth hormone will help those patients who often feel sluggish and tired and are often sick.

Opponents believe more studies need to be performed before the hormone can be claimed as effective antiaging purposes. Prescribing human growth hormone for antiaging is illegal. Clinics should be thoroughly investigated before starting HGH therapy. Double-blind studies are continuing to find out if the claims of a leaner body mass and better bone density are actually achieved by taking the human growth hormone.

Get outside, go for a walk if you are able, or sit out on your porch. Fresh air does do us a lot of good, and you get to see people as well. Keep some windows open for some fresh air.

Side effects have to be studied to decide the safety of this synthetic hormone. One of the side effects includes edema in the lower part of the body and a suspicious link to increased cancer risk. Careful thought should be given before starting on any regiment of human growth hormone therapy. A good-looking body may not be the answer to healthy aging.

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