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Seniors With Type 2 Diabetes

Seniors With Type 2 Diabetes. It is important for all individuals to maintain an active lifestyle for good mental and physical health.

It is just as important for the older person who has type-2 diabetes to stay physically active for their good health. The reason is that exercise can actually improve the sugar control that is so important to managing diabetes.

Contracting and relaxing muscles use up energy. As the body uses energy it uses the sugar supply in the blood during the time that you are exercising. This reduces the blood sugar level in your system.

Exercise also increases the body's ability to use insulin. This equates to your body needing less insulin in the process of taking sugar into your body cells, which can also reduce the blood sugar levels.

It is wise to let your physician know that you are thinking about starting a new exercise program. Your doctor will advice you regarding your diabetes and how to design a program around your ability, age and health needs.

Some of the issues you will need to address are:

  • How long to exercise?
  • How Often?
  • How hard do you exercise?

Normally you need to exercise a minimum of 30 minutes in order to improve you fitness level. If you have difficulty doing 30 minutes, start out at 10, then increase to 15 until in a few weeks you work up to 30 minutes a day, five days a week. T

hose persons needing to lose weight you may want to set a goal of a60 or more minutes of exercise. Three times a week is how often to exercise that is usually recommended, your physician can give you a better individual guideline.

Determining how hard to exercise may be a little more challenging. You need to determine what your heart rate is. Some exercise equipment comes with monitors to help you determine this. 

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If you have exercised all of your life, do not stop when you begin to age. That's when you should continue to be physically active. It may mean you will not be doing those heavy cardiovascular workouts but you can and should remain physically active. If you have not been in the practice of a daily physical workout, now is the time to begin.

You want to increase your heart rate and breathing rate to sufficient levels so that you are doing your heart well without causing exhaustion. Generally if you can sing while doing the exercise, you are not exercising hard enough. If you can talk, but are a little out of breath, you are at the appropriate level. 

If, however you cannot talk at all during exercising, you are in the "too hard" level and you need to take it down a level. Exercise Tips: Start with mild exercising if you have been inactive for a while. Gradually increase the time you exercise and how hard you exercise. Start with 3 times a week and work up to 5 times a week. Drink plenty of water before during and after exercising.

Exercise your brain. Keeping your brain young and healthy can have a major affect upon the quality of life you can expect as you age.

Dehydration can affet your blood sugar levels, so stay hydrated! Always carry diabetic identification with you while exercising Choosing low-impact exercising is kinder to your bones and will lower your risk of injury. Good low-impact exercising: walking & swimming Yoga and Pilates are great strengthening and flexibility activities Avoid doing exercises that are high in intensity or involve lifting weights

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