Healthy Aging For Baby Boomers

Preventive Measures You Can Take To Promote Healthy Aging

Healthy Aging and Preventive Measures One important aspect of healthy aging is taking preventive measures to stay healthy. The chances of chronic and severe diseases increase as we age but we can help avoid some of the effects of aging by staying healthy.

Much of the disability, pain, illnesses, and death can be avoided if a person lives a healthy life style and takes preventive measures to stay healthy. Anyone who is aging will benefit from eating a healthy diet, refraining from smoking or using tobacco products, remaining physically active and having regular immunizations for flu and pneumonia.

Much of the disabilities and pains of chronic diseases can be reduced by using preventive medicine. Early detection of any disease may increase the chance of fighting the disease and its complications.

Screening for breast, colorectal, prostate, and other cancers are important to aging adults. You should also be screened regularly for diabetes, cardiovascular problems, and osteoporosis. Chronic diseases can cause a heavy financial burden on aging adults and their families.

If they do not have resources to pay for their own care, it can also mean a financial load for state and federal governments. Practicing healthy living habits while you are young will decrease your risk of having a weakening condition that can affect your quality of life or cause death.

Much still needs to be done in finding ways to respond to the needs of aging Americans. It is estimated by the year 2030, one in every five American will be older than 65 years old. Research needs to be done to find causes of Alzheimers disease, psychiatric disorders, Parkinsons disease, and other common ailments suffered by aging adults.

Scientists and researches are looking for ways to prevent or reduce risk causes or delay the onset of serious age related conditions. Physical exercise is an important part of preventing early signs of aging and chronic illness.   

Health Check

There is a reported link to higher risk of cancer associated with the use of human growth hormones. This synthetic hormone that is being administered after natural levels fall seems to increase some levels of IGF-1 that are associated with increase risk of some cancers. Prostate, breast, and colon cancer are those cancers that seem to be affected by the increased level if IGF-1 in the body.

If you have exercised all of your life, do not stop when you begin to age. Thats when you should continue to be physically active. It may mean you will not be doing those heavy cardiovascular workouts but you can and should remain physically active. If you have not been in the practice of a daily physical workout, now is the time to begin. You can begin with light physical activities.

Try walking; just a walk around the block can help. You can add more distance and time as your body becomes used to the extra movement. Other forms of exercise may be golfing, tennis, gardening, and climbing stairs instead of using the elevator. Keeping your mind sharp is another important part of healthy aging.

Play some of the mental arithmetic games that are available. Or get a newspaper and do the crossword puzzles. Mental arithmetic has been found to prevent, and slow down the onset of Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's.

Keep your mind active, read, do puzzles, and do other mental activities that will keep your brain sharp and active. Take part in social activities and stay active with family and friends. All of these activities will help you age healthy and gracefully. And laugh! A good laugh can help release stress and tension and ease depression. Laughter is a good medicine and will help you live a higher quality of life!

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