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Our Past Health Choices Effect Our Health In Later Years

Our Past Health Choices Effect Our Health In Later Years. Think about what priorities have been during the "younger years".

In your teens we felt we were indestructible, in our twenties we could do anything and felt freedom for the first time at college or at work.

In the thirties we were hard at work reproducing or climbing the corporate ladder and our career, families or both took all of our time and energy. Most of us rarely gave a thought to what affect sleep deprivation or skipped meals would have on our health.

As our careers took off or our families grew older, we had more time for ourselves in our forties and some of us may have become glutens regarding our food consumption.

Too many office parties or social gatherings for spouses, kids or our careers and the pounds started to be noticeable. Now our thoughts start to wonder towards our health and to the question: "What have we done to our body?"

Most have been so busy with kids, spouses, career, just surviving that if you are like most fifty year olds, you suddenly look in the mirror and hardly recognize the you peering back. We often have a self-image of who we are and that image refuses to change as we do.

As we age the lifestyle we enjoyed in our youth will likely cause aches and pains in our fifties and beyond. As much as most of us hate to admit that we need to, change has to be implemented if we are to gain our good health back or maintain it.

Once we have realized our neglect to our health, we scramble to join fitness clubs or buy exercise equipment to get fit at home. This can be a good thing, if done with some measure of planning.   

100 Healthy Living Tips

Research needs to be done to find causes of Alzheimer's disease, psychiatric disorders, Parkinson's disease, and other common ailments suffered by aging adults. Scientists and researches are looking for ways to prevent or reduce risk causes or delay the onset of serious age related conditions. Physical exercise is an important part of preventing early signs of aging and chronic illness.

It is possible to undo some of the damage done in our youth but we have to be realistic regarding the pace we can safely accomplish. We are not going to be able to wake up at age fifty and undo years of smoking, drinking or sleepless nights. What we can do is undergo a physical examination to accurately access what the state of our health is and have a baseline in which to make healthier choices from.

We cannot erase the effects of a lifetime of bad eating habits, but we can learn to give our bodies the proper nutrition for the stage of life we are in. Each life stage has different nutritional requirements. Giving our cells the nutrients they need to function and grow well is something that we can benefit from in spite of poor past eating habits.

Take a vitamin supplement which has been made specially for your age group. As we age the vitamins we require, along with our bodies ability to absorb them, change as we get older.

Healthcare professionals can lead us to community programs for fitness and nutrition that will support our efforts for continued good health. There are many Websites set up to address the health issues for those fifty and older. Just use health over fifty in your favorite search engine to locate these sites. Good health can start at any age when we set up a program of getting adequate sleep, proper fitness, and good nutrition.

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