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Human Growth Hormone Therapy What Are The Risks

Human Growth Hormone Therapy What Are The Risks. Therapy Many aging adults and baby boomers are seeing articles about the benefits of having human growth hormone therapy. This therapy has been featured in high-profile magazines and creating a stir in baby boomer adults that is fighting the aging process.

Human growth hormone therapy is seen to be a boon to the antiaging process. Proponents claim increased libido, leaner muscle mass, increased vim and vigor, and less belly fat. Many doctors that see the difference in their patients with growth hormone therapy are not using it to get the same results.

There are side effects and they should be discussed thoroughly with your doctor or clinic before starting this therapy. There is a reported link to higher risk of cancer associated with the use of human growth hormones.

This synthetic hormone that is being administered after natural levels fall seems to increase some levels of IGF-1 that are associated with increase risk of some cancers. Prostate, breast, and colon cancer are those cancers that seem to be affected by the increased level if IGF-1 in the body. Studies are being done on how human growth hormones are affecting those aging adults who are taking the therapy.

Clinical trials are still going on to determine the safety of using this artificial hormone. Growth hormone is not given to people who do not need it and it is illegal to use it as an antiaging product in this country. This synthetic hormone also inhibits insulin reaction in the body. In one particular study, five of the men who participated in the trial developed diabetes.

Fasting glucose levels returned to normal two or three weeks after stopping growth hormone therapy. This connection to diabetes is still being debated and studied. Other research suggests that higher levels of IGF-1 levels may benefit the heart. Scientists believe that higher levels of IGF-1 can protect against some plaque development, metabolic instability, and myocardial damage.   

Exercise Program

You may want to check into assisted living, or senior communities before the need arises. You will be better prepared when the time comes and will also help prepare for the shock any potential move may cause. Adults who are approaching retirement or senior citizen status should educate themselves about the programs and resources that are available to them. There are many preventive screenings available and free immunizations to aging adults.

Studies also have shown that there is a diverse opinion on the effectiveness and safety of human growth hormone therapy. There is a definite indication that more research needs to be done about human growth hormone and age related issues. Studies with laboratory animals show longer life spans after having growth hormone therapy but there are no conclusive studies that show the safety and effectiveness of the hormone in humans.

Patients also respond differently to the treatment so it is impossible to determine if it is a potential therapy for them. Another big problem with human growth hormone therapy is that it is expensive. It could cost a patient thousands of dollars every year to continue the therapy. Human growth hormone should not be touted as the one and only solution to problems associated with aging.

Sharing yourself with your grandchildren can have a lasting effect on their lives, as your memories and lessons will stay with them long after you have gone

Much depends on previous lifestyles of the patient and their willingness to live a healthier lifestyle. Most doctors believe that growth hormone therapy is not the only solution to counteract the aging process. An aging adult should also be careful of who is administering the human growth hormone, as there are many unscrupulous people who are not qualified to administer the hormone or treat for antiaging.

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