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Exercises Just For Seniors

Exercises Just For Seniors. Exercise it does a body good. Everybody knows that it is important to exercise, but it can be difficult for a senior citizen to determine exactly which type of activity level is right for them.

As a senior, you need to ensure that youre getting exercise so that you can keep your body in shape but you dont want to over-exert yourself and leave yourself prone to injury or illness. In this article, well give you a basic idea of some exercises that can be good for senior citizens to undergo in order to keep in the best health and spirits.

If possible, most physicians generally recommend that senior citizens undergo some aerobic type of exercise for no longer than thirty minutes as many days of the week as permissible.

One thing to note, however, is that you should definitely take the time to warm up before getting into serious exercise. Take five minutes to stretch and walk for a bit to prepare your body for exercise and to keep you more flexible and less prone to injury.

Cooling down can also be a good idea when it comes to helping your heart and body to adjust to the end of strenuous exercise properly. As we age, our immune systems become weaker and its harder for our bodies to ward off potential illnesses.

If you are ever sick, you should avoid exercise, as it would probably only aggravate the problem and leave you at a risk for greater illness. Of course, theres always the chance that you are over-exerting yourself when you exercise.

With that in mind, you should know the times in which it is important to speak to a doctor in order to make sure that you arent doing more harm than good by exercising. If you find that youre experiencing chest pains, or youre having trouble taking normal breaths, you should call a doctor.   

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More people will be drawing on Social Security; there will be a need for more senior housing, and enough medical programs to meet the needs of this generation. Preventing disease and injury should be the number one goal of today's adult population. Staying healthy while you are young will help you as you begin the healthy aging process. Human Growth Hormone and Healthy Aging-What's the Connection?

Consequently, if you find that you are having some trouble retaining your balance or you are feeling light-headed or nauseous after exercising, you should speak to a physician in order to ensure that youre not having health problems. Just because exercise is helpful to your body when you are older doesnt mean that you need to undergo intense types of exercises.

There are plenty of simple things that you can do that can help you to remain toned, flexible, and in shape, without requiring too much motion. Just making basic and simple motions with small two or three pound weights can be helpful when it comes to keeping in shape. Many senior citizens choose to get their exercise by swimming, as it is an activity that is low-intensity and easy on the joints.

Any senior can be a target for abuse. Most victims are women, though it can also happen to men. Many older people feel that they have no right to complain and should suffer without saying anything, so you may have to watch for signs. Like many abuse victims, they may feel that they did something to be treated in such a fashion.

Walking or riding a bicycle are other low-intensity options that you may want to consider when establishing a program of exercise. Without a doubt, its important to ensure that you get exercise as a senior. The less exercise that you get, the less capable your body will be when it comes to dealing with health problems. The body is a machine that must be regularly used in order to remain fit and in working order.

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