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Depression Can Be A Serious Problem For Seniors

Depression Can Be A Serious Problem For Seniors. Many people focus on all the physical problems that an individual may develop as they grow old in age, but few think about the mental issues that senior citizens may face.

In this article, we will examine the topic of depression and old age and bring to light some possible types of treatment you may want to consider if depression strikes you. Studies have shown that of all senior citizens, between eight and twenty percent experience symptoms of major depression.

A full thirty seven percent of patients in primary care situations were said to suffer symptoms of depression, clearly illustrating a need for depression education for senior citizens. One reason that depression may be so prevalent in seniors is that many develop it in conjunction with a form of illness, such as the development of heart disease or cancer.

Many care-givers are hesitant to believe that the depression was developed for any reason other than as a consequence from the original disease, so depression is often actually undiagnosed in a lot of cases. Its a problem with feeling irrationally glum and moody regardless of circumstances, causing the individuals quality of life to be negatively affected in a major way.

Everybody feels a little sad every now and again, but if you have been persistently sad for several weeks and you find it hard to face other people, you may be experiencing a case of clinical depression. You might feel worse than you normally would about a certain unfortunate accident and you may even feel like life is not worth living.

If this sounds like you, dont hesitate to call someone immediately for help dealing with your problem. Depression is often triggered by a traumatic event but may continue for long afterwards if left untreated. Rest assured that depression is a real health problem, not just something in your head and it is a definite cause for a trip to your doctor. 

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Sit in your favorite chair and enjoy the warmth of a sunny spot in your home. Smell the wonderful aroma of the lemon and tea, tasted it, sip it slowly and savor the taste of it on your tongue. 8. Send flowers to a special friend or to yourself! The flowers will remind you of spring, new growth and remind you winter and depression will both pass with time.

Also, dont be afraid to reach out to your friends and family for support, as they may be able to help you to better cope with your feelings of depression. Some people find that just talking to somebody about their problem is sufficient help in alleviating their depression, but others may want to turn to medication in order to treat the issue. 

Whatever you decide to do, rest assured that seeking treatment is the right thing to do when attempting to overcome serious problems such as depression. If you feel that you are experiencing depression right now, there are some important things to remember in order to ensure that you can get start feeling better sooner rather than later. 

Do some weight bearing exercises. This is very important for women, because the weight exercises will help build stronger bone,s and can help prevent osteoporosis, or lessen the effects of it.

Avoid making any rash decisions when depressed, as they are often bad moves that will just make you feel worse than you already do. Also, remember that depression is only a temporary problem and that there is light at the end of the tunnel. You havent always felt depressed and you will feel better without question eventually. Hang in there, and if at all necessary, seek professional help.

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