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Encouraging Healthy Aging

Encouraging Healthy Aging Aging is a process that we will experience unless we have our life cut short by a tragic accident or disease. The outcomes of aging and mean poor health, loss of independence, and financial difficulties can be improved by following specific health tactics. Improving the quality of life in aging adults should be the priority of families, doctors, and health providers. Encouraging healthy aging means encouraging healthier lifestyles. Healthy lifestyles should begin long before a person begins the aging process. Learning to eat a healthy diet, not smoking, limiting your intake of alcohol, and staying physically active will help give you a longer lifespan and improve your quality of life. A healthy lifestyle will help prevent the many disorders that can be avoided as the person ages. A healthy lifestyle is a bigger factor in preventing the ravages of age than genetic factors. It is even more important to have disease screening as an adult begins aging. Screening to detect diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular problems, and other aging-related diseases should be done regularly. If diseases are caught early, they are more treatable and increase the chances of living a full life and improving the quality of that life. Another important part of healthy aging is preventing injury. Falls are the most common cause of injuries to adults that are aging. The statistics are staggering. More than one-third of the adult population of those over 65 will fall each year. What is worse, between 20 and 30 percent of those injuries will mean loss of mobility and independence. As we age, our bones become more brittle and are easily broken. Aging adults may also experience problems with seeing and their sense of balance may begin to fail. Its important to keep homes safe for you or your parents to prevent injuries that could seriously affect their life span and quality of life. Remaining independent is important to aging adults. It is physically and mentally painful to begin the aging process. Programming yourself for this process to keep your independence is an important part of healthy aging. You can learn to manage pain and ease the cost of chronic diseases. A person suffering from arthritis can learn to effectively manage their pain, deal with fatigue, and ease stress. A doctor or physical therapist may help them develop an exercise program that can help them manage pain and stay active. If you or someone you love is approaching the aging process, begin now to prepare for the future. Check out insurance plans, housing, and medical care costs to help you decide what is best for you or your loved one. You may want to check into assisted living, or senior communities before the need arises. You will be better prepared when the time comes and will also help prepare for the shock any potential move may cause. Adults who are approaching retirement or senior citizen status should educate themselves about the programs and resources that are available to them. There are many preventive screenings available and free immunizations to aging adults. Many adults that are qualified do not take advantage of all that is offered to them. Your doctor can help you connect to services available to you as you begin the aging process.

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A Ziploc bag is a good choice for carrying prescription bottles. If you are feeling sick or having unexplained aches or pains, make notes about your symptoms as you experience them. You can tell your doctor about them and by writing them down while they are happening will make it easier to explain when you are in the office. If you are going in because you are not feeling well, having symptoms written down may help the doctor if you are unable to answer questions.




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