Healthy Aging For Baby Boomers

Be Happy It Is Important To Your Health

The Health Benefits of Being Happy as You Age The saying goes that, "happiness is a state of mind." Is age a state of mind too, or are we just as a society finding more to be happy about as we age?

The baby boomers are aging and as with so many events that the baby boomers impacted as they aged; there is a definite impact they are having on being "older". The boomers are finding ways to make aging something to celebrate rather than something to be sad about.

The sheer magnitude of the boomer population dictates that society and business will cater to their needs, as was the case in decades past. As the boomers head into their 50's and 60's retirement needs and healthcare needs are two areas that are being scrutinized in an effort to make the boomers happy and comfortable. Those in business who anticipate the needs of the boomers have historically profited.

The healthcare industry has certainly heeded this vantage point. Those who are reaching retirement age are generally feeling more in control of their finances than those who are in their 30's and 40's. Financial stress is one element of feeling sad or depressed so it would seem that as we age and grow in wisdom and experience that is necessary for financial security; we also become happier with our financial status.

Despite feeling more in control of their finances by the time they reach their 50s; most baby boomers may not be as prepared for the retirement years as they may think they are.

The year 2011 will see the first of the baby boomers retiring with 50% of them having to rely on age pensions and part time jobs to maintain current lifestyles unless they are successful at making plans for their retirement before they reach 65.  

Healthy Living Means Healthy Loving This

Practicing healthy living habits while you are young will decrease your risk of having a weakening condition that can affect your quality of life or cause death. Much still needs to be done in finding ways to respond to the needs of aging Americans. It is estimated by the year 2030, one in every five American will be older than 65 years old.

Those who are at the younger range of boomers are just reaching their 50s now and may still have time to make good financial decisions. Most people have strived for feeling good about what they do at work and at home since WWII as opposed to putting a priority on building a career, or massing material wealth. Feeling good means being happy with who you are and what you do. Being in a positive frame of mind.

The generally accepted definition of "happiness" is: having positive emotions about yourself and your life most of the time. One trend that has changed our lifestyle regarding happiness, healthcare and our finances is the Internet. In 1997 there were 72,000 Websites, now in 2002, there are 72 million Websites. These Websites inform us of healthcare issues, financial stats and advice and also increase our odds of finding a mate no matter what our age. 

If you know of a senior who you are concerned about their health, or safety, be sure to let them know. If they need to see a Doctor try to get them to go, sometimes just knowing someone else is concerned will be enough to encourage them to go. If they are stubborn about it, have other friends, or relatives talk to the person as well.

The information highway (Internet) has given all of us a quick, easy way to gather information about any topic within minutes simply by clicking a mouse! Solutions to problems, ideas to manage debt or build a retirement nest egg are all just moments away.

This rapid source of information not only relieves stress but provides a convenient way to earn income. The opportunities for those who understand the technology including baby boomers are mind boggling and endless; certainly something to be happy about.

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