Healthy Aging For Baby Boomers

Healthy Living For The Baby Boomer

The materials on this site were designed to help those who have already reached that Senior status, as well as to help those who are younger, but want to be better prepared for their Senior years

Healthy Living For The Baby Boomer.  Who are the Baby Boomers? First of all they are usually well educated, and familiar with the Internet, along with being very interested in health, fitness, and want to be living a full life.  Baby Boomers desire to age gracefully, stay very active, and want to be able to live their life to its fullest.  Aging does involve all parts of our body, along with all its systems.  This is a gradual process, but we can either speed it up, or even slow it down by our personal habits.  Getting older, or aging, is not a disease, but it is a condition which will continue at its own pace.  We do have options to try that will slow down the process, by using multihormone balancing, taking nutritional supplements, and using antioxidant therapy.

Baby boomers are very health conscience, and keep informed about the newest ways of staying young.  Some things they might use are; human growth hormone, eating healthier foods, and stay as active as they can.  They do not except aging as a process they cannot avoid; they do try postponing it as long as possible, by living a healthy lifestyle.  Botox, plastic surgery, tummy tucks, are now considered to be normal for most adults in today's society.
Today's population is living a lot longer; and many are working past the normal retirement age, and are practice a healthy lifestyle.

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They do not take aging as a process they cannot avoid; they try postponing it as long as possible. Botox, plastic surgery, tummy tucks, are considered normal for most adults in today's society. Today's population is living longer; many are working past retirement age, and practice a healthy lifestyle. Healthy aging includes eating a healthy diet, engaging in regular physical activity, and avoiding tobacco products.

Healthy aging would include eating a healthy diet, engaging in regular physical activity, and avoiding tobacco, and alcohol products.  They also are taking more preventive measures to stay healthy and detect diseases earlier.  They get screened regularly for breast cancer, prostate cancer, cervical cancer, colorectal cancers, depression, along with diabetes and its many complications.  Poor health doesn't have to be a part of the aging process.  There are new ways to prevent or at least delay chronic conditions like osteoporosis, arthritis, depression, and urinary incontinence.
Baby boomers are joining together to make manufacturers aware of their desires, and alerting them to make changes in their products to accommodate the aging boomers.  Retirement communities are sprouting up all across America.  You can also live in a senior community and still live an independent lifestyle, stay in the same location for assisted living, and stay in the facility for long-term health care if it is needed. 


Those who are growing older are demanding their right to live and die as they choose.  They are computer literate, traveling, and making major contributions to society.  They are not looking at the aging process with an "oh well, it happens to all of us" attitude!  Those folks who are in their late 50's are taking better care of their bodies, and their lifespan is increasing.  Our population is growing older.  Just one hundred years ago, there were only three million people which were over the age of 65.  Today the figures show that there are more than 36 million people who are 65 or older. Researchers are predicting that by the year 2030, there will be over 70 million people who are 65 or older in the general population.

There are fears about our aging population, and the economic impact they will have in the years ahead.  More people will be on Social Security; there will be a great need for more senior housing, and the medical programs to meet the needs of this generation.  Preventing disease, and injury should be the number one goal of today's adult population.  Staying healthy while you are young will help you as you begin your healthy aging process.


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