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What Is The Difference Between Food Allergies And Food Intolerance

What Is The Difference Between Food Allergies And Food Intolerance. There is a difference between having a food allergy and having intolerance to a certain food.

Statistically only about 3% of children have been tested and are proven to have an allergy to certain food(s). Most who say they are allergic or their child is allergic have usually not been tested and have only noticed a possible reaction to a certain food when it has been consumed.

When someone has a physical hypersensitivity or abnormal response to a food there is a triggered immune system response that makes itself known in the form of hives or swelling body tissue (eyes, lips, throat). Allergic reactions to food can cause serious physical symptoms and can even be fatal to a person who truly has an allergic reaction to a type of food.

Medical staff must identify the food allergy properly and then the food must be avoided. In some instances when avoidance is strictly adhered for a period of 6 months the medical team will retest and there is a possibility that the food sensitivity has improved to where the patient no longer shows a response to the particular food. The predisposition to have food allergies comes from both parents having allergies to anything in which they have physical allergic reactions involving rashes or hives.

When a child is born having both parents with these types of allergies even if they are to trees, molds, dust etc., that child can be predisposed to having food allergies. It is important to follow up any suspected food allergies so that the exact allergen can be identified. Many prepared food contain multiple food and any one ingredient may be one that you would not normally suspect is in there and could cause a health problem.

Shellfish and peanuts are two common food allergies that are known to cause severe allergic reactions. In adults the food allergy may first be noticed as the food is ingested with symptoms of an itchy tongue or mouth tissue.

Once the food is swallowed and in the stomach other allergic symptoms like pain in the stomach or diarrhea and vomiting can be experienced. Once the food enters the bloodstream others symptoms occur such as asthma, breathing problems due to swelling of the airway, or hives on the skin.   

Quick Reflexology Fact

At this point the therapy will begin. It will usually start with reflexology rubbing of the ears, hands or feet and then will turn into pressing. It closely mimics acupuncture, but without needles. By pressing in certain areas of the feet foot reflexology chart, hands and even the ears, the brain will send signals and release neurochemicals to stop pain and relieve tension.

Allergic reactions to food can occur anywhere from a few minutes to an hour from initial ingestion of the food item. Foods that adults are commonly allergic to are crab, crayfish, eggs, legumes, lobster, peanuts, shrimp, and walnuts. Children react a little differently to foods that contain substances that they are allergic to. Children can outgrow their allergies to foods especially to milk or soy. They can, but are not as likely to outgrow allergies to fish, peanuts or shrimp.

Food allergies can be mistaken for having ingested foods contaminated with microorganisms. Food intolerance could be to the chemicals added to food to enhance taste, add color or to protect food from spoilage; such as Monosodium glutamate (MSG) or sulfites that are added to encourage crispness and to prevent mold growth.


To boost the chance of having enough vitamin C in your food choices you should strive for 120 milligrams each day. You will get that much in 2 oranges.

Other foods besides berries and oranges that are rich in vitamin C are broccoli and cantaloupes.

Asthmatics are especially sensitive to sulfites. There are some diseases that mimic the symptoms of food allergies like ulcers and gastrointestinal tract cancers. These diseases may have symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain or cramping that appear to be exacerbated while eating food, thus the conclusion is reached that the person is suffering from food allergies, when they are not.




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