Curing Yourself with Food

Treat Yourself With Healthy Foods

Surprise Yourself with Foods that can Heal You There are a great deal of foods that are healing in nature to the human body and they may not be what you would expect.

Take the time to learn what foods are the most healing. If you already eat a vast array of healing foods then good for you- keep on doing what you are doing. If on the other hand your body could use a larger dose of healing foods then revamp your daily diet with some foods that can help to support excellent health and can also benefit you when you fall ill with any number of health problems.

Artichokes are helpful in their own way. Artichokes can lower cholesterol as well as improving digestion and protecting your heart from diseases. Artichokes can also help to protect your liver from being invaded by disease and they can stabilize your blood sugar if it tends to be on the high side.

Chili peppers are worth reaching for if your throat is sore and achy and your sinuses are bothering you. Chili peppers have a bite to them for sure but they are excellent for digestion and they help to fight cancer before it starts, not to mention the fact that chili peppers are extremely beneficial in boosting the function of the immune system.

Sometimes nuts are just what the doctor ordered. Peanut help to protect against diseases of the heart and it lowers cholesterol levels and encourages weight loss. Peanuts are especially good for men as they help to combat prostrate cancer.

Chestnuts are not just a Christmas time nut, they can be eaten all year long for their healing properties. Chestnuts are very protective towards the heart and they combat a variety of cancers and help to lower cholesterol and control blood pressure.

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Chestnuts are beneficial as well for individuals who are attempting to lose some weight. If you enjoy walnuts then you are in luck as walnuts have many healing properties. Walnuts help to combat a variety of cancers and they lower cholesterol and protect the heart against disease. Walnuts also aid in a sharp, clear memory and they are an instant mood lifter.  

Prunes may be good at preventing constipation but they are also excellent at protecting the heart from disease, lowering cholesterol and boosting a person's ability to remember these. Prunes are also believed to play an integral role in slowing down the process of aging, which is enough to make anyone smile.

Green tea is very therapeutic to the human body. This type of tea protects the heart, helps to prevent the onset of strokes and is excellent at combating cancer. As well green tea is an effective bacteria killer and it is helpful when it comes to losing weight.


A handy snack for when you are on the road or want something salty are nuts. Stay away from those that have added salt and spices.

Nuts are full of nutrients and fatty acids in their natural form and are both tasty and good for you.

If you like to take honey in your tea or if you enjoy one of nature's purest food on toast then you are being very smart as honey is beneficial for the digestive process and it protects against the development of ulcers as well as encourages the healing of wounds. Honey is also effective at fighting a variety of allergies and it is an excellent energy booster.




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