Curing Yourself with Food

Eating Right To Help Avoid Breast Cancer

Helping to Prevent Breast Cancer with Food Americans are currently experiencing one of the highest rates of breast cancer globally. It is suspected that the risk of breast cancer is associated with the exposure to substances that are estrogen-like over a lifetime.

There are both natural and man-made estrogen-like substances. One in every eight American women currently are at risk for breast cancer. Japanese women have half that risk for developing breast cancer.

It is still under debate, but the leading view regarding food-related risk for breast cancer is that there is a connection between a higher risk for breast cancer and the types of fat consumed and the levels of other nutrients contained in your diet. It is suspected that these levels have an impact on how a body processes these estrogen-like substances.

The following foods may have a positive influence on lowering your risk for breast cancer: apples, cold water fish like cod, halibut, herring, mackerel, salmon and tuna because of their omega-3 fatty acids; cranberries, eggs, olive oil, flaxseeds, legumes, garlic & turmeric herbs, whole grains and also sea vegetables.

The food items that you should avoid eating are: meat that is well-done, foods containing polyunsaturated fats, foods or beverages that contain caffeine and also alcohol. Getting to know your polyunsaturated fats: Polyunsaturated fats are unsaturated fats and are found mainly in avocados, canola oil, olive oil, walnuts and liquid vegetable oils like canola, corn, olive, safflower and sunflower oils.

These oils when taken in moderation are better than using saturated or trans fats but you need to be sure that if you use these polyunsaturated fats that you limit your intake to 25 to 35% of your total caloric intake. Foods and beverages and caffeine content: Some foods and beverages contain caffeine and you know they do, like teas and coffees. mg.

Quick Reflexology Fact

Reflexology foot reflexology chart is not only effective for self-healing, but has made it's mark as an effective detoxification procedure as well. And maybe most importantly in today's society, it is free, depending on which therapy you use and very convenient. Yes, unlike our current healthcare system, reflexology therapy is available to everyone!

There are other foods and beverages that contain caffeine and you may not know that you are consuming caffeine. Here is a list of popular food and beverages and the caffeine content that they contain: 8 oz serving sizes Brewed coffee 135 mg. Instant coffee 95 mg. Decaffeinated coffee 5 mg. 16 oz Snapple Tea 42 mg. Lipton Iced Tea 18 - 40 mg. 8 oz Green Tea 30

Lipton Tea 35 - 40 mg. Instant Tea 15 mg. Soft Drinks 12 oz. Mountain Dew 58 mg. Diet Coke 46.5 mg. Surge 52.5 Dr. Pepper 42 mg. (reg or diet) Coca-Cola Classic 34.5 mg. Pepsi-Cola 37.5 mg. 7-UP (reg or diet) 0 mg. Sprite (reg or diet) 0 mg. Caffeinated Water! Yes some bottled water contains caffeine 1/2 liter (16.9 oz) Java Water 125 mg. Aqua Blast 90 mg. Water Joe 60 - 70 mg. Aqua Java 50 - 60 Frozen Desserts 1 cup serving size Ben & Jerry's No Fat 85 mg. Coffee Fudge Frozen Yogurt Starbucks Coffee Ice Cream 40 - 60 mg. (assorted flavors) Hagen-Dazs Coffee Ice 58 mg. Cream Healthy Choice 8 mg.


Tomatoes are great for boosting the immune system and can slow down degenerative diseases. This is because they contain something called lycopenes which is more powerful than vitamin C.

Finally, a portion or two of papaya, kiwis, mango or pineapple a day can help combat everything from autoimmune diseases and allergies to cancer. They can boost the immune systems ability to fight off infections as well.

Cappuccino Chocolate Chunk or Cappuccino Mocha Fudge Ice Cream It is important when we care about preventing cancer to understand not only how our food is made, but what it contains as far as nutritive value, and what chemicals they have in them. What we eat, does have an impact on the diseases and condition of our bodies.




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