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The Health Benefits Of Corn And Cucumbers In Your Diet

Health Benefits of Corn and Cucumbers Corn and cucumbers are both very tasty but also have tremendous benefits to health because they are chocked full of nutrients.

Corn in particular is very high in nutrients such as thiamine or vitamin B1, which is necessary for the metabolism of carbohydrates in the body. Corn is also rich in pantothenic acid or vitamin B5 which is instrumental when it comes to the physiology of the body. Fiber is another good reason to eat corn as often as possible.

Corn contains folate which is particularly important for women of childbearing age as it helps to prevent many birth defects such as encephalitis and spina bifida. Folate is also essential in the growth and development of new cells throughout the body.

If a woman wants to become pregnant she should make sure to increase the amount of folate she consumes at least three months before she first tries to become pregnant. You might even want to consider taking folic acid supplements.

Vitamin C is also prevalent in corn and helps to protect against a selection of diseases. Eating only one cup of corn is able to provide a person with approximately 18.4 percent of what is deemed as the daily recommendation of fiber Intake.

In fact the fact that it is high in fiber is one of this vegetable's greatest selling points. Studies have borne out the reality that fiber is especially effective at decreasing the risk of colon cancer developing and it also helps to lower the bad cholesterol (LDL).

Corn on the cob cannot be eaten all year long so you might want to prepare corn as a side dish and saut it in a recipe with onions and green chilies. Cucumber has long been used to reduce both Inflammation and heat in the body.  

Quick Reflexology Fact

If you are unfamiliar with reflexology sexual reflexology, here are the basics. Reflexology is the practice of applying pressure in a strategic manner to areas of the feet and hands, and even the face and ears. Reflexologists see the hands and feet as an open door to the bodies systems.

Contrary to popular belief, cucumber is a fruit and not a vegetable. Cucumber is particularly cooling and soothing and women like to cut slices of cucumber and place them on the eyes to relieve puffy, sore eyes and bags under the eyes. Cucumber can be eaten in its raw form or it can be cooked and used in recipes or it can be pickled. Cucumber is particularly good for a variety of skin problems because of its diuretic properties. 

Cucumber are both cleansing and cooling to the skin. Cucumber also helps to heal a number of health problems including lung disorders, stomach ailments, chest problems, tapeworm and arthritis. Cucumber can be used to decrease the Incidence of heartburn and to calm a stomach that has that burning, acid feeling to it. In these instances it is best to consume fresh cucumber juice but you could also eat a few raw slices of cucumber as well. 


A handy snack for when you are on the road or want something salty are nuts. Stay away from those that have added salt and spices. Nuts are full of nutrients and fatty acids in their natural form and are both tasty and good for you.

This also works for individuals who suffer from ulcers as well as gastritis. Cucumber juice has also been shown to benefit those who suffer from arthritis, eczema and gout. To reap the most benefits you should drink cucumber juice on a daily basis. Be aware that pickled cucumbers are not recommended because they have lost the majority of their vitamin content and they are very high in salt.




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