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The Healing Properties Of Tea

The Healing Properties Of Tea. Many research studies have been done the world over looking at whether tea has any benefits to health or not.

The good news is that tea has been shown through many of these studies to be beneficial in lowering blood pressure and also in preventing a variety of cancers from developing. The majority of studies have focused on green tea, which is an herbal tea that is most popular in China.

Be aware however that the Western world is coming to appreciate the many healthy benefits that green tea yields. Green tea is the only type of tea that is not fermented which means that it retains all of its antioxidant properties while others tea that are fermented lose some but not all of their antioxidants during the process.

Due to the fact that green tea is composed of antioxidants that are both strong and powerful, it therefore has many benefits to health. One of the most significant benefits of green tea is its unique ability to inactivate the negative effects of the flu virus.

A substance called L-theaninie that is contained in green tea causes the body to fight back harder and stronger when it senses the presence of the virus that causes the flu. Drinking green tea on a consistent basis will work to coat the membranes of the throat and help to effectively neutralize the flu virus when it rears its ugly head.

If you do not enjoy the taste of green tea but still want to reap the benefits then consider gargling with it on a daily basis. Green tea is effective in helping to lose weight.

Green tea is instrumental in increasing metabolism but it is also able to oxidize fat without the worry that it will speed up the heart rate of the individual attempting to lose weight. 

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Green tea is an excellent option for weight loss if you engage in physical fitness on a regular basis but are not able to reduce the amount of calories you take in. But that is not all. Green tea has other benefits to health if consumed on a regular basis. Green tea is able to effectively decrease the level of blood sugar, as well as reducing the risk that heart disease will develop. Green tea is also effective at decreasing the risk of a variety of different cancers. 

Even if you prefer to drink black tea or one of the herbal teas you will still reap some benefits. Tea is composed of large quantities of antioxidants that are given the name polyphenols. Polyphenols help to protect the body against the risk of strokes; inhibit the development of cancer cells and decrease high blood pressure. Polyphenols also are effective at decreasing cholesterol and they greatly improve the rate at which blood flows to the heart.


Trapped gas can be very uncomfortable. One of the best natural remedies you can use is peppermint tea. It relaxes the bowel muscles and can relieve cramps.

Polyphenols decrease the risk that an individual will develop osteoporosis and they help to relieve the inflammation that occurs in arthritis sufferers. Polyphenols are also very effective at fighting any number of diseases and infections. Be aware that both green teas and white teas are less subject to processing than are black teas and they therefore boost higher levels of polyphenols.




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