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Menopause Relief With Your Food Choices

Menopause Relief With Your Food Choices. Menopause happens to all women ages 40 through age 60. It occurs when ovaries cease to produce the hormones estrogen and progesterone that are necessary for the menstrual cycles that occur during our reproductive years.

Not all, but some women who go through the drop in hormone levels during menopause experience unpleasant side effects. These can be what has been described as "hot flashes", mood swings, vaginal dryness, and night sweats.

These women may be able to glide more smoothly through these adjustment years by making some adjustments to their food choices.

Foods to enjoy: Foods high in omega-3 fatty acids such as cold water fish: cod, halibut, herring, mackerel, salmon and tuna. Foods that can boost the body's ability to handle these hormonal imbalances are those that contain amino acid and tryptophan.

Drinking a cup of soymilk or eating 4 oz of low-fat tofu daily may be beneficial. Before and during menopause it is helpful for women to eat a diet high in fiber and low in fat.

Foods like: beans, fresh vegetables, miso, nuts, sea vegetables, sunflower seeds and nuts as well as whole grains. Other foods that are especially good for reducing hot flashes are: apples, carrots, potatoes, yams and soy products. Whole grains and seeds like flaxseeds Soy foods Legumes Wild Yams Foods that are rich in calcium will prevent osteoporosis another disease that is contributed to the time of life that menopause happens in.

These calcium rich foods are: almonds, leafy greens like broccoli, collards, and kale as well as low-fat yogurt and sardines.    

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When menopause is complete (12 full months without a menstrual period) then it is time to reduce your total fat intake, especially those foods containing saturated fat and cholesterol - eggs, full cream dairy products and meat. Replace your fats you do consume with unsaturated fats and oils like avacado, canola, olive and sunflower. After menopause avoid foods like hard, block or solid margarines, commercially packaged cakes, pasteries, biscuits and pies. Increase your omega-3 fatty acid consumption to 2 to 3 times a week.

Eat eggs that are omega-3 enriched 4 times a week. Omega-3 enriched eggs and poultry can be found here: Eggland's Best, Inc. Egg Innovations Giving Nature Foods After menopause it is good to take a Vitamin E supplement to relieve symptoms that are ongoing. It is also good to be sure that you are getting enough Vitamin B6 and B12 because they protect against heart disease something that menopausal women are at a high risk for. Ask your healthcare professional about which vitamin and supplements are recommended.


Chilli peppers are full of antioxidants or capsaicin and is a good choice for people wanting to avoid heart disease. It also helps lower cholesterol.

Foods to avoid: Spicy foods such as those you can order in Mexican restaurants or find in the Mexican section of the ethnic food aisle in your local grocery food store. Common

Spicy Foods: Foods that contain capsaicin which is the source for "hot peppers". Spicy main dishes may include: Beef Curry, Spicy Pork Quesadillas, Chilli, Burritos, Pork Tostadas, Chicken Flautas, Shrimp and Jalapeno Ceviche, Spicy Grilled Shrimp, some party dips are spicy, sauces and marinades can also be spicy as can dressings too.




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