Curing Yourself with Food

Healthier Food Choices Can Help Avoid Major Diseases

Healthier Food Choices Can Help Avoid Major Diseases. Our bodies are made to function using natural fuel from raw, natural foods. Fruits and vegetables that have not been processed, chemically altered or canned to preserve them with chemicals added to extend their shelf life.

Eating natural healthier foods right from birth can help prevent Alzheimers, bowel disease, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, depression, obesity and also cancers.

It's never to late to start eating healthier as our bodies have an amazing ability to rejuvenate once we start giving our body what it craves for optimum function and growth. The devastating damage caused by these diseases can be altered and lessened by changing our eating habits to healthier ones.

Healthier choices include eating raw fruits and vegetables, staying away from processed (boxed or canned foods) and eating in moderation (proper portion sizes). It is important to make healthier beverage choices by staying away from carbonated drinks and sodas, those with caffeine in them (coffee and tea), and avoiding saturated fats and oils.

Buy natural foods and raw fruits and vegetables, unsaturated fats and oils, nuts, legumes, whole grains, beans and brown rice and your body will respond by being able to grow and function better. The list of what not to consume: Eat less red meat Eat less dairy products including milk and cheese Eat less sugar that has been refined Consume less salt, and chemical sweeteners. Do not eat any monosodium glutamate (MSG).

Do not eat anything with artificial colors or flavors. Artificial means it is not natural, it is chemically made Do not eat anything that has been packaged, refined or processed.

Stay away from sodium nitrate which are in packaged meats and foods that have been smoked like smoked hams and smoked bacon, smoked sausage etc.   

Quick Reflexology Fact

In our society today, one that relies heavily on chemically laden prescription drugs, psychotherapy and surgical procedures to "heal" the sick, there has never been a better time to look into such alternatives. Where conventional reflexology foot reflexology chart medicine has failed, natural medicine can make a real difference.

What is sodium nitrite? You see this chemical listed right on foods that you store in your refrigerator and pantry or cupboard shelves. It is in most packaged meats that you buy at grocery stores. It is what keeps meat looking red even though it has been sitting around for weeks and should be gray looking. Consumers are conditioned to buy red meat because it looks healthier than gray meat, which is the color it looks like when it sits around for a few weeks.

You can find sodium nitrite in packaged ground meat, bacon, sausage, lunchmeat products. When you consume sodium nitrite it becomes nitrosamine in your system and nitrosamines are highly carcinogenic (cancer causing). Cancer-causing nitrosamines in our digestive tract can lead to colon cancer and pancreatic cancer. We can get brain tumors and leukemia from these nitrosamines floating in our digestive systems.


Keeping your blood sugar levels even is a good way to keep up your energy throughout the day, and is even more important if you are diabetic. To achieve this you should eat non-starchy vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, green beans, and spinach.

It is always best to choose whole grain products rather than processed grain products. Try brown rice next time instead of white rice, and whole-wheat spaghetti instead of regular spaghetti.

Beans are healthy especially kidney, lentils and pinto beans. Fish is a wise choice 2 to 3 times a week as well.

What exactly is healthy food? Healthy food is food that is in it's natural state, raw vegetables, sea vegetables and fresh fruits. Nuts, seeds, healthy oils, and organic meats and free range eggs. Colors are good! Eat more blueberries, red berries, purple eggplants, red tomatoes, green and red peppers, orange carrots and yellow onions. High fiber products, avocados and whole grains are also excellent for our bodies. We should be drinking more water than any other beverage.




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