Curing Yourself with Food

Food Cures You Should Be Aware Of Pt 3

Part Three

Food Cures You Should Be Aware Of. If you have never heard of gogi then you should take the time to learn about these health-enriching berries that are fast becoming a food cure.

Gogi berries are believed to be made up of more than 18 amino acids and this is higher that the content of bee pollen, which is amazing in and of itself.

Gogi berries have more beta-carotene in them than do carrots and they contain more of the mineral iron than does spinach, which has a lot. The gogi berry is very high in vitamin content and is full of vitamin B1, B2, B6 and vitamin E.

Gogi berries also are chocked full of vitamin C and actually contain more than an orange is believed to. Gogi berries are as rich in minerals as they are in vitamins as they are composed of 21 trace minerals in all. But the benefits of gogi berries do not end there.

The gogi is full of protein and is an antioxidant which means that it goes to work instantly to cleanse the blood of any toxins and pollutants and helps to protect against the development of cancer. The gogi is effective at treating skin rashes and allergies as well as eye problems, tuberculosis and liver disease that has become chronic.

The gogi berry is effective at protecting the body and in regards to the prevention of health problems but it is also effective when it comes to treating health conditions. The gogi is composed of a substance known as betaine and this ingredient is effective when it comes to enhancing the memory and also for soothing a bad case of the nerves. The gogi berry contains a substance called physalin, which has been proven to be beneficial in treating Hepatitis B.  

Quick Reflexology Fact

Probably one of the biggest expectations is the relaxation factor. It is true; you will become very relaxed during the therapy. Believe it or not, some people even fall asleep. It is one of the single most powerful ways to relax and eliminate stress in your body. Once you try it you will be a believer, furthermore you will be hooked.

Gogi is also made up of solavetivone, which is a compound that is very powerful in its antibacterial and antifungal properties. The gogi berry contains beta sitoserol which is an excellent form of an anti-inflammatory. Finally the gogi also contains a substance known as cyperone, which is beneficial to the treatment of heart disease, high blood pressure and cervical cancer. As if that was not enough, the gogi berry has been named the worlds strongest weapon against aging.

Parsley may seem like a nice garnish on top of your supper but parsley is an herb that has been used as far back as ancient Rome to treat sick people. Raw parsley helps to cleanse the blood and keep it as clean as possible and it is able to effectively decrease the amount of fatty deposits that are to be found in blood vessels. 


The artichoke has been used for many medicinal purposes including: for those suffering from liver or gallbladder ailments, used to decrease cholesterol and triglyceride levels for those of us watching those levels, it can be used when you have a loss of appetite, and also for those suffering from indigestion.

Parsley also helps to support the blood vessels in remaining elastic and chewing parsley is better than gargling mouthwash to ensure that you have fresh breath. Parsley is believed to play an integral role in treating a variety of ear infections and is beneficial when it comes to the sexual side of a persons nature. Parsley can be purchased in the produce department and it is especially effective if it is consumed on a regular basis.




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