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Drink Your Your Vegetables

Drink Your Your Vegetables, Or Juicing Your Vegetables The body enjoys the richness of raw vegetables as cooking foods tends to destroy much of the nutritional value in regards to the vitamins and minerals inherent in the food.

One option that is delicious and simple to do, not to mention convenient on those days when a person is short on time is to turn your vegetables into drinks by juicing them.

In case you are concerned that the high quantity of fiber will be lost by breaking down the vegetables in a juicer, that will not happen as plenty of fiber will be retained even in the juice state.

In fact there is enough fiber in vegetable juices to more than supply the bodys need for it. Asparagus is a vegetable that is rich in an amino acid called asparagines. Asparagine is very easily destroyed when asparagus is cooked.

Asparagus works well as a mild form of a diuretic and is an excellent addition to any vegetable juice concoction. Beets are vegetables with an acquired taste that are loaded with vitamins and minerals. The two biggest benefits of beets are that they build blood to make it as strong and hardy as possible and they extremely good at strengthening the work of the gall bladder. W

hen preparing beets do not throw away the tops when you cut them off but instead use them for salad greens. Never prepare beet juice on its own as it can be extremely strong and is likely to upset the stomach. Always blend beets with other vegetables when making vegetable juice. Broccoli is a cruciferous vitamin that is actually the head of a flower that has not fully matured. For that reason broccoli is a vegetable that must always be picked before it has bloomed.   

Quick Reflexology Fact

Far Eastern cultures have been using alternative treatments for thousands of years and still do so today. Even the most technically advanced countries such as China and Japan, appreciate the effectiveness and simplicity of natural medicine. So why not try a form of therapy that is effective, yet has no side affects? However, with so many products on the market begging for a sale, where do you begin?

Broccoli is extremely good for the human body as it is chocked full of a variety of vitamins and minerals and it is also very high in protein. Everyone does not love Brussels sprouts but they are an acquired taste and are very similar to broccoli when it comes to their many health benefits. When it comes to vegetables you can never go wrong with green vegetables and as a mixture they can be very delicious to drink as vegetable juices. Raw cabbage is good for the colon and it is loaded with vitamins, minerals and sulfur compounds.

When you use cabbage to make a juice always drink it as soon as it is prepared because the essential elements that make up cabbage start to oxidize right away. Cabbage is best combined with other vegetables and not standing on its own. Cabbage juice cannot be adequately stored, therefore never make more than you can drink at any one sitting.


Water and exercise are just as important as what you eat. Have your healthy fruit, vegetables and herbs, but without 8 glasses of water and about 30 minutes of exercise a day, it will not help you much in the long run.

If you are making a vegetable juice that includes cabbage always juice this vegetable after all of the others and then drink it fresh and fast from the juicer. Juicing can be fun and there is a real art to it so if this method of getting your daily veggies appeals to you, buy yourself an inexpensive juicer and then search the Internet for a multitude of healthy and frothy recipes.




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