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Diabetes And A Healty Diet

Diabetes And A Healty Diet. Those who have diabetes should follow a slightly different food pyramid than those who do not have diabetes. There are foods that can make living with diabetes easier and less stressful.

Here are some simple rules to follow to stay healthier when you have diabetes. If you plan your meals around these rules you can eat the same foods your family does, just modify some of the basic eating habits a little as described below.

Try to spread out your carbohydrate intake over the entire day. This way your blood sugar level won't be as high right after meals. Have a meal and snack plan so you know how to space out the carbohydrates.

Eating on the run or sporadically will lead you to making quick decisions and perhaps loading too many carbohydrates at one time. Variety in food selection is crucial to maintaining a balance in your sugar levels.

Make sure you test your blood sugar level after meals so that you will know what affect the foods you consumed has on the level. Knowledge is power when it comes to controlling your diabetes and the foods you consume has a huge impact on your blood sugar level, so knowing what it is can give you information needed to adjust your insulin or your snacks and meals for the balance of the day.  

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Foods that contain carbohydrates and sugar increase the blood sugar immediately. Using fruits to sweeten the foods you eat, like putting sliced peaches on your cereal instead of sugar will give you the sweetness you desire without letting your blood sugar get out of your control. It is best to minimize protein from your diet. Using legumes, tofu, and fish instead of red meat will give you better control over your diabetes and be healthier for your entire body. 

There are some vegetables that can actually decrease the seriousness of your diabetes by regulating your blood sugar level better when you eat them on a regular basis; they are: Asparagus, bitter melon, celery, garlic, globe artichoke, jerusalem artichoke, and spinach. If you are pregnant or nursing and have diabetes you have the same need for calcium, folic acid, iron and protein that non-diabetic pregnant or nursing moms do.


Foods that diabetics should avoid are those that are processed and those we label as "junk foods". Junk foods are empty of nutrient value and usually high in sugar, sodium or both.

Avoid the obvious sweets like candy, cookies and ice cream. Other foods to avoid that may pose a problem for the diabetic are: fruit sugar, chocolates, soft drinks, and items made with white flour.

Any food that contains harmful preservatives and have high sodium content should also be avoided. A lot of canned items are high in sodium. You can confirm by looking at the food label for what is contained in the food item.

You will also need more calories per day during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters (approximately 300 more calories) than you did before you became pregnant). It is important to eat on a regular basis throughout the day. Eat snacks and well-balanced meals. Do not skip meals as this can cause problems with your blood sugar level.




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