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Constipation Relief

Constipation Relief. No one ever wants to experience the discomfort of constipation but unfortunately sometimes it is a reality of life. Often times constipation is the result of not getting enough fiber and roughage in the diet.

To improve this problem simply take a close look at what you are eating on a regular basis and resolve to make fiber more a part of your daily eating routine.

One of the best foods to treat constipation is to eat bran, and in particular rice bran and to drink as much fluid as possible (with the emphasis being on water). Bran needs water to work properly and vice versa. You should aim for at least six to eight glasses of water on a daily basis.

It is recommended that you do not bombard your digestive system with a tremendous amount of fiber right away but start adding a little bit of it gradually each day. The body needs time to adjust to the addition of fiber to the system, especially when you are not inclined to consume much at all.

Fluid needs to accompany fiber because the fiber is likely to absorb a great deal and the fluid will then in turn be able to bulk up the bran that is being eaten. Why this works so effectively at combating constipation is that bran has rough edges and it is these rough edges that serve to stimulate the nerve endings in the bowel to start working to eliminate waste and in particular to increase the work of the colon.

Bran is also beneficial to increase the amount of bulk that makes up the stools. Not everyone is aware of this and researchers have no idea why it works but hot coffee, whether it be decaffeinated or regular helps to treat constipation.   

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If you are constipated uncommon awakening drink six ounces but make sure you do so on an empty stomach so drink the coffee before you eat your breakfast. The good aspect of this remedy is that it yields almost immediate results. It is surmised that it is a chemical that is found in the coffee that makes it work like a charm, however it is not believed to be caffeine that makes it work so well.

For reasons that have researchers baffled, the coffee for constipation cure works more effectively for women than it does men. Prunes and prune juice have long been used as a treatment for constipation. The amount that is required to help a person tends to vary with the individual situation. The worse your constipation is, the more prunes or prune juice you will need to consume. It is unclear why prunes are effective when it comes to relieving constipation.


Battle constipation by eating foods rich in fiber. Consider apples and pears. You also need to avoid dehydration and the best way to deal with that is to drink water.

Or eat foods that have a high water content, like grapes, melons, pears, and tomatoes.

Some researchers believe it is the fiber that is found in the prunes why others attribute it to the extremely high levels of sorbitol found in them. For those who are not familiar with sorbitol, it is an indigestible sugar alcohol. Take the time to do your research over the Internet or at the public library to find other possible treatments for constipation if this is a problem that plagues you from time to time.




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