How To Fool People Into
Thinking You Are Not Going Bald

If you do still have hair left on your head, you can consider restyling it to help hide your hair loss.

This can be effective especially for those individuals that have pattern baldness where just sections of their hair have thinned.

In men, this is generally in the front of the head above the eyes, on the sides of the head or it can be on the top part of the head towards the back.

Many of these things can be hidden well with a good styling. One particularly common type of solution is that of the comb over, where the remaining hair is allowed to grow quite long and then the hair is combed over the top of the thinning hair.

For most, though, there is a need for something more concealing and more permanent. The wig or toupee can be considered then.

Here, a layer of hair which can be either real, human hair or can be artificial hair, is styled and then adhered to the head in a number of ways.

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They are available in a wide variety of styles and hair colors so that they look natural when they are worn. Many of today's wigs and toupees are much less obvious then those of years ago.

For those that have children suffering from hair loss or those that are experiencing this condition because of a medical condition, there are several groups that have been put together to gather human hair from those that do not need it to make it into a wig for the individual.

When you are not really ready to let the world know that you do have a hair loss problem, you can use any number of choices that you have to hide it.

You can even consider donating your hair to these organizations that help out those that really do need it. Hair loss can actually be a good thing, then. Hiding your hair loss is something that you will definitely want to work on.


As an alternative to hiding the fact that you are going bald, consider speaking to your doctor about your concerns. This will help the doctor to look at your condition and determine what is causing the hair loss in the first place.

If it is hereditary, that is one thing. But, if it is a condition in which individuals are experiencing it due to sickness or as a symptom to something that is much more serious, it may be necessary to have this condition taken care of right away.

The fact remains that the doctor needs to determine what is causing your hair loss in order to begin treating it.

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