Hair Loss Treatments for Men

Hair loss can be a real disappointment for men. It can make you look older than your years, and maybe even worse, it can detract from your appearance.

If you've been worried about your hair loss and wondering what you can do, there are a number of choices.

Some men choose to try surgical hair transplants. That seems like the permanent fix to many guys. The problem is that it often takes more than one round of transplants.

That first transplant surgery will leave you with noticeable scabbing and swelling for at least a week. And then when the hair does come in, it can look artificial. I've seen hair transplants where there are areas that are too spotty or unnatural.

Those results leave a guy with a hairline that screams "hair transplant". That can be worse, you know, than the look of the thinning hair before the transplant.

Men who are considering a hair transplant need to be aware of that possible outcome. It takes a year before a second transplant can begin to fill in the bad spots, and even then a third procedure might be needed.

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That's the downside to transplants. You go in hoping it will solve the problem quickly, and then you get a result that is noticeably a transplant and it takes years and multiple surgeries to correct. The problem seems to happen more often to guys with lighter colored or thinner hair.

One tried and true choice is to try a wig or a hair weave. That's a club that many guys just can't bring themselves to join. It's way too noticeable and women especially seem to react poorly to it.

Another choice is to address the body chemistry that is bringing about the hair loss. Drugs such as Propecia are an example of this choice. For many men this avenue of treatment is preferred. It's less noticeable and maintains the natural hair a man started with. Not losing the hair in the first place is a great solution.

Carefully consider the options for hair loss treatment. A good choice will make you feel better about yourself.

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