Hair Loss - The Bane Of
Both Men And Women

Hair loss had long been the bane of men, although it can also effect women and in that case, the effects can be even more emotionally devastating.

Since ancient times, hair loss has been associated with lack of virility and advancing age, even sinister overtones.

The claim that bald men are actually les virile than these with hair is actually patently false, as men experiencing hair loss are actually doing so due to large amounts of testosterone in their bodies.

Ironically, the hair loss process often slows down around the age of 50, when most men experience a significant drop in testosterone levels.

There are many people looking to make some money off of a man's fear of losing his hair. The advertisements run the gamut from natural remedies to tablets, to surgery.

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Some of these claims are true, and some will force a balding man to shell out a lot of cash for a hair loss remedy that simply does not work. The following are some methods that do work. 

Propecia finestride is a tablet that is taken daily by men experiencing hair loss. It is prescribed by a doctor after a discussion of possible side effects.

Remember that there will be side effects inherent with any working medicine, and that not all and sometimes none of them will come to pass, they are simply a possibility.


As propecia finestride is designed to block testosterone development in part, side effects can include a loss of sexual appetite and fatigue.

Propecia finestride has been show to re-grow some amounts of hair in 20% of men. In 60% of men, it stops the hair loss process, and in the last 20% it has no effect at all. If the pill is discontinued, men will experience hair loss at increased levels.

Rogaine is also used by men to slow down or halt hair loss. It is more inconvenient than finestride as it is a cream that must be applied to the hair twice daily. It has the same results as finestride, although the side effects are not as pronounced.

A third option for anyone experiencing hair loss is surgery. Laser surgery and hair replacement surgery are both available, and of the two the replacement surgery is the best option as it uses the patient's natural hair to replace the hair that has been lost.

As with any cosmetic surgery, however, there is significant cost involved and a large number of scam artists. People wishing to go this route must do their homework before selecting a doctor and should always verify credentials.

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