Hair Loss - Getting to the Roots

Hair plays a very important part in most people's lives. Many experience hair loss through various reasons, and often do not know the causes.

Everyday we shed hair regardless of age or how healthy our hair is, just the same as we shed skin.

Most of us fortunately never have any problems with noticeable hair loss, but then there are an ever increasing amount of us that do experience the almost 'nightmare' of losing our hair at all different ages.

Once hair has been lost it is normally replaced in a reasonable amount of time, but it is only when the hair is not replaced for whatever reason that may be, that the loss of hair starts to become noticeable.

There are many myths of hair loss as usual, just as there are with any medical condition, but there are numerous known contributors to hair loss, that are present in most of our lives.

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Excessive bleaching and colouring of your hair and the constant use of products that are full of chemicals can be detrimental for your hair's condition.

The process of aging can have the effect of hair loss even if you have lived a stress free healthy life, and can cause you to search for hair loss treatment.

Most drugs whether they have been prescribed by doctors or taken for recreational purposes can not only have an effect on practically all of your bodily functions, and lot term effect on your body mentally and physically, but can also contribute to the loss of hair at all stages of life.

Any type of skin infection or hormonal imbalance with women can influence the loss of hair, and so can any illness that has taken a hard toll on your body.

One of the most common thoughts of hair loss is down to stress, and working a lot of hours and spending most of your working week stressed up to your eyeballs, and not been able to distress before you commence with another stressful day at work seems to contribute to a lot of hair loss across the nation.

A simply remedy to this is work less hours, or do not let your work stress you up as much. This is quite often easy to say, and very difficult to put into practice.

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