Covering Up Your Hair Loss


When you consider the various things that can happen to us, not many cosmetic problems can be as sudden or as traumatic as hair loss.

Our hair is by its very nature a big part of our looks and also plays a big part in creating our self image.

So when hair disappears or falls out in great lumps, embarrassment and despair can very easily follow.

But there is a wealth of options available to you even if you can’t afford surgery or have been informed that the drugs wouldn’t work on your condition. These solutions work even for temporary hair loss that has been caused by trauma.  

I am not talking about wigs alone. Wigs do play a significant part for cancer patients and people where their hair loss on the head is total or near total. In these instances the discomfort of wearing a wig can be worth it for the positive boost on the self image.

These days the wigs are made of high quality synthetic fibres like acrylic or real hair and can be cut, shaped and treated like it was your own hair. Although the real problem of making sure they stay on still exist.

Options exist from wire ring implants in your head to creating loops of skin behind your ears to effectively tie the hair piece to your head.

There are issues with both procedures and in most cases the most cost effective option if you have some hair left is to go with one that can be fastened to your existing hair.  


You may already know this, but natural hair changes colour with time, or when exposed to sun and the sea, which is why blonde, surfers very often go even more blonde during the surfing season.


As new hair grows though the old color comes back. This is not the case with any type of wig. Once the sun has discoloured it then that is the wigs permanent new color.  

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I am also talking about toupees, hair weaving, hair extensions and hair bonding fusions 


Toupees are perfect for partial baldness but have similar issues as wigs. In fact they are simply small wigs with all the same benefits and all the same drawbacks. Plus a toupee has a bigger risk of ‘displacement’ as it is smaller and also has to blend in with more of the natural hair.  


Hair weaving is a process where a knotted hair is weaved into whatever hair is left on the head.

The only problem is that it can very often speed up the hair loss as the wig needs re-tightening the weave as your natural hair grows.  


Hair extensions and hair bonding are in essence two ways to increase the hair on your head by adding it to your existing hair. Extensions are really only suitable for women and require a great deal of hair already.


Perfect for when trauma has caused hair loss in a limited area. Hair bonding uses special glue to bond the extensions to your existing hair, but can also be glued to your scalp, making it suitable for where there is no hair or where larger areas are suffering hair loss.


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