After Your Hair Transplant   

Hair transplants happen over a long period of time and a number of treatments are usually required to get to the final satisfactory result.

The real challenge however is to find a way to deal with the lack of hair during the treatment period, and the solution could be to simply apply hair spray with hair thickening agents if you need a slight cover up during these initial stages.


Alopecia areata sufferers would also benefit greatly by using hair thickening sprays.  


But it does help to know more about what hair thickening agents are.

A hair thickening agent is usually a fine powder mixed with a sticky substance to make the powder cling to your existing hair or your new transplants.


You can even style your hair as normal after you have applied it although it washes out the next time you wash your hair.  


These thickening agents can also be used when there is none or not much hair at all on the area that it is being applied to.


Although to be at its most effective the hair thickening agent should really be sprayed onto the hair and not directly on the scalp.


This is because the scalp is naturally greasier than hair and smoother and therefore the powder is likely to slide off or start to “run”.  


Another problem with thickening agents is that they do not work very well on larger bald areas. This is for a very simple reason which is basically that there is probably not enough hair for the thickening agent to cling on to and give its maximum effect. 


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However, if you apply hair thickening agents with a bit of care the changes in volume and coverage to your scalp can be quite unbelievable, especially if applied to the crown or smaller, thinning areas.


It is also very easy to find a color that matches your real hair color as hair thickening agent sprays are available in a large range of hair colours which are very natural looking.


The hair thickening solution can indeed be very effective as a hair thickening product and can solve the appearance of thinning hair and baldness extremely well.

 Remember though it is only useful as a temporary solution for the very reason that it will wash out every time you have a shower. Plus it is generally not very useful in damp conditions, so be realistic in your expectations of the results you expect in these kind of situations. 

All in all a hair thickening agent is an excellent solution for when temporary, short term solutions are needed for baldness. The time between the first and last hair transplant treatment is exactly the time when an agent like this is needed.


Because of the hair thickening agent's great ability to cover up small patches, if this is the type of hair loss you are experiencing, then you can experiment with hair thickening agents while you are waiting for a more permanent solution to be found and used.


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