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Ways to manage stress are as numerous and varied as the causes and manifestations of stress. Stress may be the single most contributing factor to poor overall health and is at least one of the causes of many diseases and chronic illnesses. In order to utilize stress management techniques effectively it is imperative to have some understanding of
stress. Most notably one must realize that stress is for the most part self-generated and in order to manage or control it, one must be willing to change. Discover what it is that you are doing to contribute to the problem and change it. In fact the realization that you have choices when it comes to stress and stress management gives a sense of authority and is useful in fulfilling the changes necessary to get stress under control. The changes that need to be made fall into four separate categories, behavior, thinking, lifestyle choice, and situation.

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There are many common stressors, yet their affect on everyone is not the same. In order to manage your stress level one should try to recognize their individual stressors. While most stress is in fact internal, there are external stressors. External stressors include physical aspects such as noise, light and space.

Social interaction in the form of rudeness, bossiness or aggression from others, daily hassles such as commuting to work or school, traffic accidents, misplaced keys or documents, major life events such as moving or a promotion, marriage, birth or death.

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Natural Methods of Stress Management At one point in life or another almost everyone becomes overwhelmed or has difficulty with stress. Everyday challenges of life, work, family and home responsibilities can often become overwhelming and lead to stress. The impact of stress can be seen in a myriad of ways. There are some short-term positive affects related to one type of stress that can help us to finish a project, meet an important deadline or to compete or perform physical activity. Most stress however has a negative impact and manifests itself in several ways affecting overall health of both the mind and body. Often times daily pressures or worries mount and lead to changes in thoughts or behaviors that may not be immediately recognized as stress related. One may become short tempered or irritable and argue with a spouse, children or co-workers. post traumatic stress disorder

People are often surprised to find out that things that they do to cope with stress are actually contributors to stress. Simple changes to lifestyle habits can work wonders for stress management. These include limiting or elimination of caffeine intake, alcohol consumption, and junk food. Having a well balanced diet and not eating too much or too little, Getting adequate sleep, taking some leisure time, Regular exercise, including both physical and relaxation exercises such as meditation or yoga.  

Change the way you think. Try to look at things more positively, keep a sense of humor, try to refute negative thoughts, turn problems into opportunity and just overall look at things in a more positive manner. Unwillingness to change is something that needs to be overcome in order to manage stress effectively. In some instances the most beneficial form of stress management is in changes to ones situation. This may include changing jobs, possibly leaving a relationship, developing problem solving skills and effective time and money management.

Everyone needs a relaxing hobby. A hobby that really interests you, will breathe new life into you.

A hobby can help you be more relaxed, and let you enjoy having something new to be interested in. Be sure to only choose those hobbies which will encourage calm, and serenity for you.

Some times all one needs is a diversion or distraction from their life or external stressors. Taking a much needed time out such as a short walk or even a vacation can help you to focus on what it is that is bothering you and what, if any changes need to be made. There may not be a quick fix or even one simple solution but stress management is both effective and attainable. Learning to effectively manage stress and relieving current problems and symptoms associated with stress can help to prevent the recurrence of these problems.

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