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What Is Stress?


Stress is a problem that we all face on a day-to-day basis. Its a gradual buildup of tense situations that can wreak havoc upon our health if not properly controlled. Everybody experiences stress, but few people know how to effectively deal with it when it becomes a problem.

In this article, well work towards building you a better understanding of what stress is so that you will be able to accurately identify it within your own life and hopefully be able to solve some of the problems that you may have with it.

Stress is a type of reaction that our brains and bodies have developed over thousands of years in order to help us operate in a fight-or-flight mode. When we are presented with a situation that requires quick thinking, our brains release several different kinds of chemicals into your body in order to spur it into action.

The chemicals cause our hearts to beat at a quicker pace, our muscles to tense up and prepare for action, and our speed of breathing, and our blood pressure increase at a rapid pace. In this way, our bodies are prepared to fight or to attempt to run away from the problem.

This could be a useful mechanism if we regularly encountered problems such as animal attacks as our ancestors faced, but in the modern world, stress can become very built up within the body and it can lead to a wide range of different mental as well as physical problems.

Many people who live in modern day society are unaware of how to take care of stress when it hits them, and they often let it well up inside of them until they are unable to control it anymore. A long period of unreleased stress can lead to a case of high blood pressure and many other possibly fatal health issues. One major cause of stress is a heavy workload.   

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This type of stress is the kind that seems unending and wears away at a person day after day. Chronic stress is often the result of ones lifestyle such as a difficult or dysfunctional family, poverty, unhappiness in a relationship, dissatisfaction with a career, or long term unemployment. Some chronic stress is a result of trauma or early childhood experiences that one was never able to get over so they became internalized. Chronic stress affects personality, mental, emotional and physical state, and overall health. Those affected by chronic stress would be most benefited by employing natural methods of stress management everyday yet unfortunately one of the worst aspects of chronic stress is that people get used to living that way while it takes its toll on the mind and body. Chronic stress can lead to death by suicide, heart failure, violence, stroke and even cancer. Some signs and symptoms of stress include anger, anxiety, depression, confusion, poor judgment, headaches, muscle ache, fatigue, and digestive problems; eating too much or too little, sleep problems, poor decision-making, and nervous habits. stress relief

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 Using food to reduce stress

When we have many things that we have to do, it can be tough to tell which action to take next in order to reap the best benefits. With that in mind, one way of reducing the amount of stress that you are feeling when you have a lot of things to do is to prioritize a list so that you can get the things you need to do done quickly and effectively. 

Going along with that idea, one of the main things that can build up stress is having to choose between two decisions when there is not a clear answer as to which one you should take. Your mind can tear itself apart when trying to think of the right decision during a similar type of circumstance. If you have a problem and you cant really tell what to do, try to get a different perspective.  

Take a Deep Breath. On average a person breathes very shallow, this makes it very difficult to get relaxed. Try this, sit down and then take a slow, and deep breath through your nose, do this until you have filled up your lungs.

Hold in this breath for a moment, and then slowly exhale it through your mouth. Breathe deeply like this for 4 - 5 times, and try to do it a few times a day.

Ask yourself what someone you respect would do when presented with the same circumstances. Whatever you do, dont waste your time pining over a decision. Asking someone elses opinion may also be helpful in relieving the stress of making a tough choice.

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