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Ideally holistic health is the realization of our potential as humans as total beings, and our desire to live fulfilling and satisfying lives. The overall goal is not just to be physically healthy but also to be in harmony with oneself and the
environment at all levels, body, mind and spirit. Relationships, social interaction and lifestyle are also factors that are considered when dealing with a holistic approach. Managing, or eliminating stress is a basic component of holistic health.

Holistic Medicine is a term that emphasizes the functional relationship between the whole and its parts. Holistic Health, or holistic medicine attempts to treat the whole self, including mind and body.

Holistic medicine is not a new concept or theory. In fact holistic health is more of a philosophy that has been in existence for thousands of years. Holistic medicine however is new to western medicine and our health care system. 

When holistic medicine is applied into traditional health care, the approach to therapy takes on a whole new dimension. Patients roles are changed in that they become more involved in their treatment by being made aware of their condition and how their thoughts, behaviors and attitudes are attributed to the situation and they are taught how by making changes they can be actively involved in their own healing process.

There are several terms that are often used in conjunction with, or are associated with holistic medicine. Alternative medicine, complementary medicine, and natural healing are probably the most common. Alternative medicine is a term used by both medical professionals and the general public to describe medical techniques or procedures that are not generally recognized or accepted by traditional or conventional practitioners.

These techniques include non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical methods as well as experimental drugs or therapies that are not in general use or as of yet widely accepted as means of effective treatment.

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While causes and reactions to stress are varied, there are several common approaches that can be taken that can work for everyone. By taking a natural approach and making certain changes one may even be able to avoid most types of stress altogether or at least reduce the frequency and severity of the outcome. There are several steps that can be taken to help reduce and/or manage stress. One way is to plan ahead. While it is true that we cannot plan or prepare for everything there are things we can do to be more prepared. Plan to arrive early for appointments, meetings, etc. this way if anything does come up you will have some extra time and can avoid the harried feeling one gets when being rushed or worrying about arriving late. how to deal with stress

The attitudes about alternative medicine are changing and in recent years many of the practices have become widely accepted so much so that a few are now actually considered conventional. Complementary medicine is usually a term used by conventional or traditional medical practitioners to describe non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical practices that are used in conjunction with or to compliment surgery and prescription or over the counter drugs. 

The implication is that these practices are the primary tools used in the healing or treatment process and that the unconventional techniques are just used as a backup or supplement as needed. Natural healing refers to non-invasive techniques as well but does not usually involve the use of any drugs or supplements of any kind. Natural healing is usually a reference to physical healing or bodywork only.

Take a hike, well you don't have to go that far, a 20 minute walk each day would be good. Work it into your schedule whenever you find you have some time.

Any time you have during the day is good, or whenever you feel the stress building up inside you, get out and talk a walk to clear your mind.

There is a wide variety of natural, alternative, or complementary practices that are used to attain holistic health. Some of these practices include aromatherapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, naturopathy, medicinal herbs, Reiki, Tai chi, and yoga. Stress reduction is a fundamental principal of holistic health. The reduction of stress is believed to allow the body's natural healing abilities to go to work.

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