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Kinesiology. It seems as if day-to-day challenges are ever increasing and getting harder and harder to manage. Millions of people suffer everyday with the negative symptoms of stress. Negative feelings, physical aches and pains and even illness are caused by stress.

Stress is multi faceted and affects people differently. It is not possible, nor would it be advisable to eliminate stress altogether but there are ways to relieve too much stress and to help manage it. A holistic approach is best taken to stress management since stress itself affects the whole person.

Kinesiology is one such method. Kinesiology traditionally refers to the study of muscles and movement in the body. In the natural health field the term is used in a broader context.

Kinesiology is truly holistic in that it treats the whole person as an individual and is versatile since the concepts and techniques used can be applied anywhere and modified to suit individual needs. It can help with a variety of health problems that affect the mental, chemical, structural and electromagnetic systems of the body that are altered in times of stress or due to illness.

The practice of Kinesiology can help to change behavior, belief systems and attitude for the better. Many even find that they have improved function in other ways too such as in writing, coordination, and artistic skills. Practitioners use muscles as monitors of stress and the imbalance within the body.

Kinesiology is performed as a touch therapy. It is like a combination of Chinese acupuncture in the sense of meridians and energy balancing with anatomy and physiology in the West. The general idea is to achieve balance by removing toxins, freeing energy blocks and relieving tension. This allows the body to begin to heal itself and to be better prepared for future stress responses.   

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Stress Meditation

Undergoing or anticipating major changes to ones life such as a move, change in jobs such as a promotion, new job or retirement or family status such as marriage, adoption or pregnancy. If undergoing a major change in one aspect of your life it may be advisable to limit or avoid changes in other aspects. Sometimes people feel stressed at certain times of the day or even of the year due to work or other pressures such as family obligations. For some it is the holidays, for others it is the summer or upcoming birthdays or anniversaries. A good way to monitor stress level or to prepare is to write things down. You may want to try keeping a daily log of events and reactions or even just taking a few moments a day to jot down your feelings or emotions. It is also helpful to write things down such as appointments, to do lists, meal plans, and upcoming events instead of relying on memory as this can cause mental anguish and undue stress. post traumatic stress disorder

 Stress Fighting Foods

 Using food to reduce stress

Emotional stress release is a specific technique of Kinesiology. Individuals can use it on themselves or to help others. In times of stress, blood flow goes to the back of the brain where the past is stored this is where we fall into old patterns and reactions. The front of the brain, which is only used about 5% of the time by the majority of people, is where new choice is located. When a hand is placed on the forehead the blood moves to the front of the brain and provides relief. 

You may notice that you and others do that now, place your hand to your head in times of stress. To heal emotional stress you can place a couple of your fingers on the bony ridges on the forehead and focus on your emotion or reaction to a specific incident.  

Ever considered having a monthly massage, or maybe a reflexology therapy session.

This can be doubly beneficial because you will feel a lot better when someone is pampering you, as well as the therapeutic benefits you gain when your muscles release tension.

The theory is that you will be able to approach it in a different way and ultimately let the feeling go. You can do this for someone else by placing your hand on his or her forehead and having them close their eyes. You can instruct them to view the emotion as if they were watching a video.

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